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  1. My friend, you can search between the pages and you will find a lot of topics that you have not commented on, or you can move to another section if you have good experience in this forum
  2. Most of the members joined here with the aim of earning money, and with time, I discovered that he started collecting useful information about digital currencies, and some of us improve his English in this forum. It is wonderful to earn a number of useful things besides earning profits
  3. Working on this forum is wonderful and really useful, where we can make profits and gain knowledge about cryptocurrencies and work to improve our English.
  4. My friend, you will definitely get a positive evaluation in the future. You should not complain. Working here takes patience and hard work. I wish you good luck.
  5. My friend, in order to know what digital currencies will rise in the future, you should follow the trading platforms and try to gain a lot of information about digital currencies and consult experts in this field I wish I could help you. I am a beginner in this field
  6. Dear friend, don't despair. Working on this forum takes time and patience Since you are posting useful and important content, you will gain positive followers and ratings in the coming days
  7. My friend, you have to write 20 comments or posts per day. Whenever the post contains useful information about digital currencies, you gain a more positive reputation. Then you will be paid on these posts and transfer your profits to the yobit platform. You have to create an account on the yobit platform and link it to your account here on cryptotalk in order to get profit
  8. We have to write simple and understandable words for everyone, and we should also avoid writing a lot of abbreviations. Sometimes I find publications that contain abbreviations that I do not know their meaning at all. We must strive to improve our English language so that we can write understandable and correct content
  9. My friend, the most important of these ideas is to take advantage of the publications of the elderly members because of the useful information it contains about digital currencies, and you are also right. We must help each other in spreading awareness and warnings against violating the rules and strive to provide useful information
  10. It is very important to abide by the rules, because obtaining 3 warning points leads to a final ban from this forum We have to work carefully here to avoid any rule-breaking
  11. My friend, to get a positive reputation, all you have to do is write useful posts or comments containing information related to cryptocurrencies or the forum And you should abide by the rules and laws on this forum
  12. My friend, you can convert digital currencies into the local currency in your country and then transfer it to your bank account I recommend you to use the Yobit platform. It is easy to use and secure
  13. Dear friend, thank you for these tips, but there is a wrong information you say that it is not allowed to write more than 100 characters. This is wrong. The post is allowed to be written and it is accepted provided that it contains at least 100 characters.
  14. My friend. Logging in and operating on more than one account on the same Wi-Fi network is cheating that may get you banned I advise you not to risk this I suggest one of you works on Wi-Fi, and the other is on mobile data
  15. Dear friend, you can invest in the yobit platform, as it is safe and legitimate, I recommend it You can even look and confirm before you start Do not invest your money in any unknown platform before making sure of it Because the prevalence of fraudulent sites and platforms is very large
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