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  1. Zoom cloud meeting is one of the best app for online classes and also used for conference in international level I am also using this app it is so much interested app I love to use this app
  2. Thank you so much guys for your guidance and support I was new here but day by day I am learning slowly because of your guidance and support thanks again all of you
  3. Thank you so much all of you my seniors I am so excited by working on this platform I was new here but now I have learned so much by reading all of the comment thank you so much to guide me well
  4. Yes offcourse you right patience is very necessary if you want to be a successful in the World if you don't have this quality then you cannot perform well in your life therefore I am totally agree with you patience is very important to be a successful person
  5. Hey guys I am new here and I Want to get your advice how can I get good community reputation point and how can I survive well and perform good on this platform please guide me my respected seniors
  6. I think working on website is little bit difficult than apps because apps can be used easily but this website is working best and there is no need for the apps and this is only my opinion but I know everyone want apps
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