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  1. Hi friend, I'm glad you opened a store and accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment because it increases adoption. I think that a good solution for the problem you are posing is to demand screenshots from your buyers, so you can check that they did send you the payment and not have problems. There may be other options, but in my opinion that would be the best and most transparent so that neither party is affected.
  2. I think there may be multiple reasons why a cryptocurrency drops in price. Obviously the main one is that the demand is lower than the supply, but I also think that some news can seriously affect the price. For example, the news of the SEC complaint against Ripple caused the price of XRP to drop considerably. Another reason for the drop in cryptocurrency is after a long-awaited news event and the price goes up quite a bit, such as a coin burn or an update.
  3. Hello friend. I agree with you, Doge is a very cheap and useful currency to make transactions. In the past I have used it and it has worked too well for me. Other cryptocurrencies I use for transactions are Tron and Waves, although the latter is very cheap, but unfortunately you have to wait several minutes for the transaction to be confirmed.
  4. My favorite section of Yobit is Trade because it is possible to find all kinds of pairs to trade, from the most known to the most unknown currencies. Market is also a very good function to analyze different currencies and determine which one to invest in. I honestly haven't tried the other functions because I didn't need them until now. You could conclude that I am a traditional investor and only interested in exchanging cryptocurrencies. But anyway in the future I will try Mining or InvestBox to see what they are like.
  5. I think that nowadays it is possible to create a cryptocurrency in a fast and simple way, but unfortunately that also brings a great number of scams, so it is fundamental to investigate and analyze well any project. If I were to create a cryptocurrency, I would probably choose to do it on Waves because I think their network is cheap and very good. Although if the idea is very good, I would better consider creating my own Blockchain to generate more confidence and attract the big investors.
  6. Excellent information, thank you. I think that in the future there will be a massive adoption of cryptocurrencies because over time the use of crypto has increased a lot. I think it is difficult that they are not still used because in fact they are quite useful to make transactions in a fast, safe and specially cheap way. Of course, I think that there will be difficulties and regulations along the way, but the best projects will overcome them easily and I don't think it will affect their prices too much. We will see what happens in the future.
  7. You're right, a lot of retailers have started accepting payments with cryptocurrencies because they know that in the future that will become one of the main payment methods, so I also think that those who don't accept it will miss out on great opportunities. As a user and enthusiast of cryptocurrencies, I also hope that retailers will start accepting payments with cryptocurrencies to make everything easier when buying an item.
  8. You are right, hidding mining has become very popular due to the increase in price of different currencies. For that reason, it is essential to take care of our devices so that they are not used to mine any cryptocurrency. Personally, I try to browse through known sites and rarely give in to websites of dubious reputation or with many advertisements. Besides that, I also use some add-ons, as mentioned in the publication.
  9. Thanks for the information. Fortunately, it is now possible to earn money with cryptocurrencies in various ways. Some are more effective than others, but in general it is a matter of finding a way that you like and in which you can progress. For example, trading is an excellent option, but you should study a lot to be able to succeed and control some aspects so that you don't fail at the moment of making a trade and most of the times you manage to obtain profits.
  10. It depends on the country, because there are very poor countries that are in the process of development and in which cryptocurrencies can be of great help for people to progress and achieve a better life. But it is complicated that cryptocurrencies can help the country as such, but I think that people who live in developing countries are helped a lot by cryptocurrencies.
  11. Hello, my friend. I agree with what you say, basically to make a profit in a market you need to sell more than you bought and sometimes sell to someone else who will probably make a loss. Although that depends on the price and the type of market, because sometimes that can also be profit for the buyer if the price of a crypto goes up considerably. The important thing is to research and analyze well to determine at what point to buy or sell.
  12. Well, 2020 was a year that started quite badly for Bitcoin because it went down too much during the first months, but from April onwards it started going up due to the expectation of halving and later the effect of that event. In addition, many institutional investors entered the market and the weakness of the dollar also made the price of Bitcoin continue to rise. Finally, PayPal's announcement was the trigger for Bitcoin to strongly break the $13k barrier and start the bull market as such, which led to the all time high of $42k. I think 2021 could be a great year for Bitcoin because we're still in a bullish market and everything points to the fact that BTC still has a lot to give during this cycle.
  13. I think that Ethereum has risen due to the bull market that started last year and has benefited from the great rise of Bitcoin. Although until now it hasn't been much because it hasn't even surpassed its historical maximum. Anyway, I think that ETH 2.0 was only a news item that benefited the price, but actually the price increase is due to the fact that Ethereum is the second most important cryptocurrency and is a very attractive currency for investors who want an alternative to Bitcoin that can give better returns. Currently the price is above $1k and it seems that in the coming weeks it may continue to rise and exceed its all time high. Although everything will depend on Bitcoin and its dominance in the market.
  14. It is difficult for cryptocurrencies to become illegal all over the world, because it is very difficult to ban them, so I think that crypto-dependent jobs will continue to increase more and more. Regarding your question, I think that making money with websites and apps is still a great alternative if you can't make money with cryptocurrencies. However, you will have to learn a lot, because it is not an easy way and it requires a lot of experience to succeed.
  15. Unfortunately I don't know many new sites to make money, because it is increasingly difficult to find legitimate websites, because there are multiple scams on the Internet. But it seems to me that you can start by making useful comments in Cryptotalk and earn some satoshis, which you can invest in some promising cryptocurrency or just save them for the future. If you want to find a reliable site to make money, I recommend you to research too well and read a lot so you can succeed.
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