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  1. Criticism is another way of telling someone that his/her comments is not satisfiable and I think given bad reputation always means the same thing as criticizing a member because you are informing an individual that he should work more hard to achieve his goal in this forum.
  2. Yes,I think you should help each in the forum most especially beginner because they to be guided as they are new in the forum before they get familiar with the rules and regulations biding the crypto talk world.
  3. @Biojay you are right, when you receive negative reputation actually nobody feel Happy but it means whether your post is not up to 100 character and above, and if your post is not correlating with topic or in case if you comment is not understandable. You receive a negative reputation on a particular post therefore you will not be paid it.
  4. Actually, I have good plan for the year 2021, i am planning to invest some amount of money in this 2021 and also my aims towards this 2021 is to become successful member in the world of cryptocurrency.
  5. It very easy to increase our reputation and as well as increasing profit too.what is expected of you is that you make post according to the rules and regulations of forum and also ensure your post are useful and important to the forum and it members also.
  6. My friend, excersise patient and understanding the guidelines on how to make good comments or post that will yield you good reputation and Don't give up continue working and also make sure your work is useful and constructive and you must that the information you are given is legit and important.
  7. It is stated that one has to remain stagnant in particular section for posting but when you are a beginner you are advise to remain in beginners section before you get aquainted from the rules and regulations of the forum.
  8. Many of members most especially beginner do face the problem of deleting post which is common the people who fail to post useful and constructive comments. And another is always general issue in the forum that all members are restricted from sending BTC to the balance which I don't takes it as an obstacle or challenges.
  9. Actually,to protect and secured our wallet is indeed a great thing that everyone need to secure their Bitcoin. As Bitcoin price is high the scammers are there creating small access to be able to steal your Bitcoin.
  10. Not only given attention to us reputation also make us to feel motivated and encouragement,when you receive reputation that gives you another extra strength to work hard for you to become successful and you also need to work well so that you will get reputation from other member.
  11. Posting or commenting only in beginners section is not enough for a member because there are other things that are not much discuss in beginner section unless you move to the other section that you can be able to acquire some knowledge and experience about cryptocurrency very well than beginner section.
  12. I believe was the trading of token coin was lunch was amazing and interesting to those didn't Gamble their the coin marketable and people that missed it for initial place are regret why did they abondon the site because none of them think they coin would be lunched.
  13. Creating a charming content and a content that you will get many reaction depends on you.if your comments or post is useful and constructive then you will get many reaction. And post on a topic that share very important and informative information about the forum or if you give more explanation about cryptocurrency exchange and digital marketing.
  14. This is true, after Bitcoin ethereum is the second most acceptable cryptocurrency coin.ethereum is also risen just Bitcoin price is and this currency was develop by Russian called viltalik buterin for over 6 years ago and it is well recognize by other block chain or online site earning.
  15. This is absolutely correct because of fear that most of us has developed in us about this forum make us to loose our coin.instead of calming down down to work here smoothly some will just be afraid unnecessary which eventually lead them to loose in this forum.
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