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  1. A monero is also a decentralized blockchain based crypto currency coin. It is a good coin. And its main purpose is privacy and decentralization. It is a secure coin and no one can see the transactions of the monero coin. It is totally private
  2. In the year of 2017, I saw a news about Bitcoin and I was amazed how huge is the value of it. I joined in crypto this year since I really need to earn money because I really don't do anything with my free time.
  3. I never bought anything with crypto in real life rather sometimes i sale goods in my shop for crypto to my friends instead of liquid money. I am just holding them now for future benefits and waiting for market bull.
  4. If the school teaches cryptocurrencies to students, it will be very good. so that students can develop the world of cryptocurrencies. be able to know and use cryptocurrencies properly.
  5. Third countries will have better economic development conditions when participating in the cryptocurrency market. It has a great financial impact from the people to the whole country. But this involvement needs good control or it will bring harm.
  6. In my case I consult to my friends who have experience in this kind of stuffs so I have a guide to know what is correct or wrong to avoid major problems. So I think researching and consultation to the experts is a best guide for me.
  7. I'm that also, good friend. It was agonizing when My partner and I initially wished to commence that sensed just like My partner and I have been very lazy to be able to add once more. With any luck, there exists a remedy because of this from your administrator.
  8. Most of the market is manipulated, you can't buy something from news and wait for pump because you'll face a big dump why ? because whales pumped the price up before the news and when the news are out they start just dumping on people. And mostly binance do it in the news they share.
  9. A few bad experience went iam on crypto is : -Holding without a reason. Yes, im holding a crypto without a good reason most of my crypto i hold because the price was down and waiting to backup again but they never backup again and i losing my capital. -Selling Early.
  10. Wow, a very sophisticated technology created there is a blockchain in it. I think this is smarpthone which is very good for its users. thank you for the information, I will wait for the release in my country.
  11. Actually I don't know exactly about the situation there but Our country spends a lot to charity and is very helpful towards refugees that come here. I knew that the refugees get decent money here for free but 1000$ disposable money (if it’s not from working) blows my mind... but there comes the drug game to the table many of you are playing so I‘m not wondering at all. In Syria, like many other countries that are going through war or economic problems, some of their inhabitants work with cryptocurrencies to earn income.
  12. I do not know yet how others think, but I think that the price of coins will begin to grow this weekend new year's days, because the trading volume will decrease and the price should go up. I hope to see good altcoins this time and buy them.
  13. Youtube made an error or a big error, because there a lot of people who hate Youtube for that and the trust was lost, so restored the content of those videos or no the the bullet has come
  14. The US will not agree with replacing Dollar with Bitcoin. It greatly affects the Dollar while it dominates the world currency market. If possible, the US will create its own cryptocurrency.
  15. Investment is a money making way where you put some money to get extra money from it. Without getting money it will not be a investment. Sometimes people get others elements as a profit.
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