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  1. My friend advised you to follow the laws and rules and not to violate them and not to copy and paste the posts, comment in a unique way, be retarded.
  2. I want to store the ruble Ikoulah for a long period of time, as this coin is one of the most important currencies for storage
  3. I expect that when all countries operate in cryptocurrencies, transactions will become faster and even their commission will be cheaper
  4. I invest in trading in cryptocurrencies and see trading as one of the most profitable types
  5. I hope that all countries will recognize bitcoin and set up an ATM for cryptocurrencies, and I hope to support bitcoin in my country
  6. Whales do very mysterious things, and they control the market very much. I am afraid of them and their actions.
  7. Yes my friend it is very easy and I thank you for this important information with success
  8. Yes, my friend is in this situation and before putting half the bitcoin, it is not possible to predict any information or any price for it
  9. Thank you, my friend, for sharing your helpful information that helps others, and good luck
  10. I expect Bitcoin to rise to the price of 12 thousand dollars for one piece, and this problem requires almost a month, but now it is in a correction wave
  11. Thank you my friend for this important information and for helping others good luck brother
  12. Yes my friend and I hope all beginners will read the pending publications to understand all the steps and laws and avoid the ban
  13. Yes my friend that bitcoin is a very popular currency and everyone says trading it but bitcoin will rise in price within about a month
  14. I am also waiting for its price to rise because I am not selling the quantity I own and making a small profit
  15. Yes, this is excellent and I have been working for two hours and making financial profit helps me very, very much
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