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  1. My friend, thank you for these tips, and I thank you for the help
  2. Thank you, my friend, for the important information that other people provide in this forum. I also work on this forum and check out four of them. I collect the capital from them. Thank you and I wish you good luck.
  3. Welcome my friend that this forum is really excellent and it pays us for any comment p posted we do a thousand satoshi for us in exchange for this work that we do and we can daily 30 thousand satoshi.
  4. Yes my friend, I would like to achieve four big in trading in digital currencies and achieving the goal that I set my friend
  5. My friend, I trade in cryptocurrencies in full my capital in order to achieve very large profits and this is a beautiful thing, and I recommend trading in them with full money.
  6. Yes, my friend, this matter depends on unknown people, and the proof of that is that they did so in large amounts of bitcoin work in the Binance platform from unknown persons.
  7. Yes my friend that the amount needed to trade is 500 thousand dollars a minimum and it realizes you great profits provided that the amount entered in the deal and not increase it because it is a somewhat small amount.
  8. My friend, I am trading cryptocurrencies, it requires a large amount, and I advise you to reduce this amount because your profit will be very little. I advise you on a large house that amount and you are trading and achieving great profits.
  9. Thank you, my friend, for this information, which informs Alerts, and I thank you and I wish you a ban in the field of trading in digital currencies and achieving great profits.
  10. My friend’s mother said that this forum says I am paying for any publication or comment that we make in providing us with a thousand satoshi for any comment we make, and this forum is an excellent site because it sends us profits I collect our money with it
  11. Thank you, my friend, for this effective method, and I will try it because it is mostly good, and I thank you and wish you good luck.
  12. Thank you my friend for this information and I am also working on this forum and I check your account daily on the Yobit platform. He transfers all my money to the Binance platform. I buy my number and trade it.
  13. My friend's note is that the bitcoin work is difficult to overcome the effects of 9600 dollars because this period of the market is declining as well as other currencies. The price of bitcoin I expect in the coming days within four days will you bitcoin to the effects of 10900 dollars.
  14. My friend, I refuse these words because cryptocurrencies are not money laundering by termination is a very profitable business and I advise you not to say it is money laundering
  15. Yes my friend, I am the cash machine, the bitcoin business has become widespread in the countries of the world, who are Turkey, who are the countries of China and Japan, and people are setting up an ATM in Syria.
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