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  1. First, of all, I want to use this opportunity to welcome everyone to the forum and to my thread. The bitcoin community is a host to different individuals from different part of the worlds meaning we all have our story of how we got to hear about bitcoin. This thread would be a nice places to share that experience, how did you hear or encounter bitcoin. Mine was due to my search to look for lucrative online investment to profit from and stubbled upon some recommendation on bitcoin and ever since my life haven't been the same. Lets hear yours.
  2. Irrespective of changing address you can still be traced, bitcoin isn't as decentralized as many assume it to be. With you can link all addresses connected to a particular wallet even though the address has just been used once to recieve bitcoin to that wallet. Here's an example:
  3. That's just publicity stunts, he knows such price isn't realistic for bitcoin and if bitcoin was to reach such milestones it won't be happening anything soon. He's just seeking for attention by predicting outrageous bitcoin price and putting a tag of dick eating if it doesn't achieve that price.
  4. Be careful scammers would try to scam desperate victims wanting to earn from the yobit signature campaigns. Account seller's can't be trusted you're trading at your own risk as transaction and can't be reversed. Best you build your personal accounts from scratch as there would be other future campaigns you can join.
  5. Not everyone is smart enough because they feel they're not the user affected when sold accounts are caught. I have seen cases not just buyer but sellers was also caught due to address been linked to accounts on bitcointalk also other alts while identified irrespective of using different address. There's a blockchain explore that can link all address that are connected to one bitcoin wallet.
  6. You're still not safe unless you were smart enough not to use the wallet address that your main account on Bitcointalk is linked to. If the buyers decide to sell you out and review the transaction, DT members can't track your main account and red trust it.
  7. No it's not very low as you might still get caught. The posting style of the account will change which will attract the attention of DT members. Either you won't be able to post on the local boards the previous owner of the account was posting in or your posting quality will change and once you can't sign message from previously used bitcoin address of that account you'll get red trusted.
  8. That's the simple explanation possible, you can trade with margin on bitmax although I'll advice you don't jump right into it because you can lose very easily. I heard Binance exchange too, has introduced trading with margin but since I haven't used their platform in a very long while, I can't tell you much about trading with them.
  9. I'm expecting a 100% increase from the last time all time price high of $20,000 that's around $40,000 per bitcoin after the halving event. Then hopefully followed by a steady growth of the market and hopefully correction won't take the price below $10,000 anymore because that'll be devastating.
  10. The chances of you avoiding detection is very minimum so it'll be a waste of your money trying to cheat the ranking up process. You'll have to change your email and password so they user you bought the account from doesn't reclaim the account and once you do that you'll be required to prove the account hasn't changed hands by the DT members and when you're not able to do so, you get red trusted.
  11. In the first place why should someone steal or try scamming another individuals, the moderation and DT members on the forum are trying to keep the forum clean hardly before an innocent user gets affected. I love this platform and I believe it will because a success although let make it a success without the users here discrediting Bitcointalk.
  12. Are you guys forgetting this forum is somehow associated with yobit exchange, an Exchange that has previously paid hundreds of users to promote their exchange on bitcointalk. Funds isn't a problem for Yobit exchange
  13. Very nice initiative, just hope this doesn't result to users spamming the forum just to increase their post count i.e users posting irrelevant comments just to boost post count like what I was currently experiencing on one of my threads. Nevertheless goodluck to everyone. May the best poster win. Hope quality will be put into consideration too.
  14. That's true, last season liverpool caused their very own downfall by drawing games naturally they shouldn't have draw. Liverpool only lost one game last season and it was to the champions Manchester city that's to prove they're capably of winning the league if they can keep focus, defeat the champions and not go drawing game they should win.
  15. No they deserve that goal, if you observe both team played well and both deserve a point from that match. From my point of view it was a great result for Arsenal while a disappointing one for Manchester United. The title this season would be decided between Liverpool and Manchester city, and finally be won by liverpool. i don't think Manchester United will make it into top4 but Chelsea are showing strong determination so they have a shot against Arsenal.
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