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  1. Well, nice strategy, I have noticed during my journey in cryptotalk the more you get good reputation the more the number of followers and visitors will increase and all of this is connected to useful content.
  2. I believe in bitcoin and i think it has bright future leading the market, but this is too much, no sane prediction will will even come close to the half of that number.
  3. I started out in Nov 2019, I had no idea about the world of Crypto currencies, I also thought it is a fad and will soon be gone, but after a while I realized it here to stay and to grow, I began to read about it a lot and I still learning.
  4. I don't agree with you to stop using paper money just because of the contamination, I think it would a lot easier to use Crypto currencies than real money, I think it is a great a idea but a bad excuse to do the replacement.
  5. As for me I think I will never leave Crypto world no matter what happens, I had a really nice experience in it, I think it will be my career someday and now I am planning to build on this base idea.
  6. I think bitcoin is not going anywhere, but in case it has gone there will a lot of replacements as the world of Crypto currencies is growing, in my opinion ETH will lead the way some day.
  7. I was interesting about Crypto currencies, I never thought that it is possible to make money online but I found out it possible here in the community of cryptotalk where you can earn cash and learn new stuffs.
  8. Of course it is safe, I have been using Yobit for ten months and I have not faced any problem, in my opinion it is totally secured and have good instructions program for members to avoid scamming.
  9. This the best part of it, you are free to send money where ever you want and when ever, I think bitcoin will be a global currency soon & government will be forced to adapte with it.
  10. I really did not about this, the only part I know is satoshi, but now I have clear information about the btc splitting and how it has been created to easily deal with bitcoins.
  11. I agree with ethereum is second most popular currencies in the market, people are predicting this year ETH price will get to 1300 $, I have high hopes for this ETH platform.
  12. Well said mate, I have noticed that too, the number of new topics is decreasing, I think we should create 3 or 4 topics at least per week, also I think moderator should make a competion about top 10 topics weekly it will make difference.
  13. I have always been curious about everything, I like to read articles and scroll the internet, I found out Crypto currencies in telegram and from that time I can get enough of it.
  14. Thanks for this great topics, yes agree with your calculation there are lot of members here with different goals, i think at least 1% of the total number of members is capable of changing into a better place, team work always bring different results.
  15. Well thank you my friend, you summarized most common ways to earn money, in fact I think the most enjoyable and free work that all people must be looking forward to have it
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