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  1. Hello mate, just make sure it's useful and should be made of at least 100+ caracters, this means your paragraph is ok, just make sure you follow the terms and regulatios and everything will be alright.
  2. I have already completed my first one hundred posts, but not yes withdrawn, I am dying to withdraw my first payment. Cryptotalk is best platform ever no lying no doubts, i am very happy to be a part of it.
  3. Hello there, just make sure you link your account with yobit platform so you can withdraw you money to you wallet, you need to finish to first one hundred post for free , then you will get paid for every useful post.
  4. There are many ways to earn online, but the quickest is to invest, you need to put losing into consideration when you invest. As for me ceyptotalk is the best way to start anything. I have tried many ways airdrop, bounty and mining but nothing worked out.
  5. Hello my dear, you are most welcome, we are happy to have you here with us, as for first you need to finish your one hundred free post, try to learn while you are earning this what crypto really offers. Just make sure you follow the rules and be helpful.
  6. Hello everyone it's my pleasure to be a part of cryptotalk society, I really consider it best platform ever because it gave us a great chance to learn about cryptoworld not forcibly, we are enjoying our learning and earning here, you can say this platform has made it.
  7. I am sorry for your lost buddy, it so sad to hear this, it could happen to me too, i was looking for a site to invest my money, now I will be carefull where to put my money.
  8. You hàve come to the right place as I am a beginner I tried a lot of ways, airdrops, bounty , mining , telegram bots, and else. Cryptotalk gave me hope I was about to give up crypto world, but finally got best way to earn.
  9. I have used my VPN while registering my yobit account with no need to, now I am facing a problem every time I try to log in, they stop me because of ID changing when I don't use VPN, I don't suggest you to use it, it may causes you some problems.
  10. Hello my friend don't worry, this problem happened few times before, senior know that very well, it s temporary problem, you will able to withdraw as soon as possible. Hello my friend don't worry, this problem happened few times before, senior know that very well, it s temporary problem, you will able to withdraw as soon as possible.
  11. You just need to log in normall in cryptotalk, and your account is already linked with yobit, you can check your progress whenever you I want, the only problem I am facing right now is my ID changes sometimes and every times I have to confirm my identity it take a lot of time.
  12. First of all read the rules and regulations, expand you knowledge about cryotoworld, you can read and learn, also check crypto blogs for more information and new updates, this will help you post here and make your participation more effective.
  13. I still facing this problem when use my Uc browser, I had to change my browser to avoid this problem, now I am using chrome it is really easy and smooth, i reset it to desktop mode so i don't face that error again.
  14. The good thing about cryptotalk is the website is based on mutual fairs, this means while you are asking and I am replying each one of us is getting paid and no one feels like heavy and being demanding, so when you ask you are doing us favor, I advice you to read the rules and just go with flow, you will learn an earn asap.
  15. You will get paid for just 30 posts, if you want to make more it's up to you and if you lost counting yobit is also doing the counting, you will get nearly 3 $ daily for your maximum daily post, enjoy it.
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