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  1. It is best not to post a content with low quality or with a few characters, especially beginners who post small questions and instead they can use the search button to find their questions because of course these topics have been answered already.
  2. I believe most of us have a translation application in our devices because we need it in order to translate texts and post them in other languages. I would also like to point out that we can translate using the browser(chrome) without the need for a program.
  3. Thanks for this advise. By we distributing our money to more than one trading and more than one investment, the chances of loss will be less compared to if we use all this money for just an investment or trading because it may be a losing deal.
  4. Cryptotalk new is to receive token of the talk token and crypto talk campaign is to receive the satoshi per post. You need to connect the same email that you use on this forum on both campaigns, all you need is to save the emails and you will be given UID for btc and talk token payment. Make sure you do it individually because they are two different campaigns.
  5. I don't think here is a yobit application in the play store, if there is, we will definitely be notified. Be careful when downloading applications on behalf of yobit, because there is no official release regarding the yobit application on the play store yet.
  6. To create a useful post, firstly you have to follow the rules of the forum then try and engage in the old post i.e post from our seniors from there you will be able to understand more and create a meaningful topic on your own. Keeping the post simple yet good choices of words is what that matters.
  7. Fear is something we must get rid of if we want to be successful. Fear, cuts like a knife and goes way too deep for far too many people. It can severely impact your ability to achieve personal or professional goals, experience happiness or develop a meaningful career. How you deal with it or not will impact your ability to achieve and sustain success. So we must have courage and self confidence when trading and making investments.
  8. The first thing to learn as a beginner is to adhere to the rules and regulations guiding the forum and to learn more about the forum and it rules, go to the "about forum" and read the pinned posts.
  9. There are several reasons for staying on this platform. In addition to what I've learned, I gain a good experience by reading topics and benefiting from other people's experience and it is also on this platform I get to understand about cryptocurrencies and how to trade and invest.
  10. Cryptocurrencies have become extremely important because of their policies and if you have knowledge about crypto world and cryptocurrencies, then it will be easy for you to use this platform to circulate good information for others to learn from.
  11. There is no specific time limit to post the first 100 posts. This is up to you, your schedule but the maximum number of posts per day is 50-70 posts. Just abide by the rules of the forum and double check your work to make sure it is a useful and informative content before posting.
  12. Introducing cryptocurrency to newbies is a bit difficult, but I got interested in cryptocurrency when I saw the possibility of earning so much money through the volatility of cryptocurrency. I believe this would a great way for introducing newbies to cryptocurrency. Telling people of the financial possibilities of cryptocurrency would lure them.
  13. I will go for cryptocurrency because it is important and it is not going away, or be limited to 100 years as others may speculate: transactions are fast, digital, secure and worldwide, which in essence allow the maintenance of records without risk of data being pirated. Fraud is, actually, minimized.
  14. In my opinion cryptotalk is the best online platform that I have ever seen. It helps us in many ways without asking for any payment. All you have to do is to post meaningful information to earn and the platform also provide us with knowledge. You can learn more about cryptocurrencies and also how to trade and invest.
  15. Unfortunately, the largest percentage of members here are working for the income only without thinking about the importance of the information presented in this forum, so we must first seek knowledge,learn and then earn money.
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