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  1. This is the worst thing that happens to you in this field. You lose the keys to entering your wallet because you will go crazy and you will lose your mind quickly because you will not be able to access your money again. This is very, very unfortunate. You must be careful and be in a safe place near you.
  2. This big fluctuation in bitcoin is the source of the strength of the division that will happen to him in the next month and now is an opportunity to buy bitcoin because it is very low in the market and there are big profits when it rises in the coming months
  3. The loss indicates that you are not an expert in any field so you want a quick profit and invest your money without knowing you on that site. Do you pay or not? So I advise you to learn to trade here in the forum and invest in the investbox on yobit because it is the best thing I offer you and security for your money
  4. The contracts this year from 2020 will be one of the best contracts for investment in the field of encryption, especially the Bitcoin currency, which has strength in this year, especially May, because it is declining and will rise sharply, and with it most of the cryptocurrencies in this year
  5. In order for us to have 3 countries that support encryption, and there are big projects in each country to establish the Encryption Valley project, it has great positives and makes most countries do that in order to invest in cryptocurrencies in the future.
  6. It was listed on the platform and everyone got 700 yoda in the investbox and they can only extract profits and this is a huge profit for the bulk of those who obtained it before entering the market when it was Airdrop
  7. I don’t know why this is happening because most of the platforms have started to exit the crypto currency market and announce their closure, is it a failure to bring in investors or is it evidence of external pressure
  8. Success in cryptocurrencies is a great effort substitute in learning and experimenting with several strategies in the market and patience with your investment and not taking risks and learning from your mistakes and not repeating them frequently in trading in order to be in the direction of success in trading
  9. There is now a better solution than printing money to pay debts or to help the poor, which is the cryptocurrencies that have made themselves the most important technology that has made unemployment decrease dramatically and made investment easy and this is the best solution from printing money
  10. If this is achieved, it will be a great benefit for us first to work on it freely and without restrictions and will make all the fragile economies strong and very supported by the cryptocurrencies investing in them and reaping profits so that this is very positive for the financial sector in general
  11. This forum is a great educational headquarters for cryptocurrencies and as a great source of information about all cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin and large currencies, and also collects after the money from working on it daily
  12. This is very little. It happens that you accidentally get a coin to your wallet if it was in composition or other cryptocurrencies, and if something happened to me, I think it is normal and proper to return it to the address that it sent to you. This is a more humane process and awareness of sound thinking than keeping it
  13. It is useful information for new members especially to know what is the split in half in bitcoin and how it happens and why and when and this is rich and good information for the forum in general so that all the members can know it
  14. The country of Syria has several problems, the biggest of which is the war in which it exists, and it is difficult for the state to rely on the cryptocurrency as a new means of payment because its economy is fragile and unbalanced and is declining day after day, and this will not be in the interest of the state.
  15. Bitcoin is safe if it is in strong portfolios and saving to buy bitcoin is a successful investment in the future and can rise to the highest levels. Therefore, insurance on bitcoin and its investment safely is preserved in the blockchain portfolio.
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