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  1. very good and simple explanation we don't get pay by just reading we must provide something to this forum for earning
  2. may be they have deleted that quote that's why you are not receiving notifications or you can contact to moderator they will help you
  3. The best and useful thing in this forum is saving draft it saved me alot of time and I loving this feature
  4. well I am not a fan of daily trading and to be honest Daily trading can give you good profits if you have enough knowledge
  5. I like all your explanation and to be very honest showing right path of this forum to newbie is our responsibility and we must do good things in this forum
  6. To earn money you must providing valuable contents and to make good post you have to spend like 2 hours
  7. Well there is not such restrictions due to same profile picture you can use two same profile the main thing is providing good knowledge
  8. Feel bad to know but I think they are deleting all those post which are useless and have no knowledge related to this forum and crypto
  9. I think you are right they should give us more change to improve ourself Blocking is not the way to treat your members like this
  10. I always own those currency which are yet to list in any exchange and to be honest it can give very much profits than other famous currencies
  11. I dont think It is easy to hack online wallet but some of the hackers are very professional and they can hack whatever they want
  12. yes exactly Investbox is the best way to gain profits and I think this is the best feature ever yobit have
  13. Till now doge is the best currency to gain some profits because most of the peoples taking interest in it
  14. Withdrawing through LTC requires low fees I Will suggest everyone to withdraw Through LTC
  15. Indeed these are the points that's why people choosing Binancd over yobit and also Binance is supporting almost all the legit coins
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