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  1. I dont believe on this because Trust wallet is only secure wallet in crypto world no one can easily hack Trust wallet you can contack help support they will resolve your issue related to fund loss
  2. There is not such a rules and the answer is Yes you can work on mutliples internet there is not such restriction but you must not use same ip address for multiple accounts
  3. I dont really know about this but i think you can comment again if the first one got deleted and we must provide some quality meaningful commnets to avoid deletion
  4. Thank you for such valuable information i was lookling for this kind of topic and guess what i finally found it means alot dear keep this good work going on
  5. There are different exchanges with many trading pairs but all i am using Binance and Yobit exchange because these two are best for me
  6. Cleaning forum is our advantages and moderators are working hard to clean this forum from scammers which is actually good for this platform
  7. After registering your account then it is easy to trade you can also search video in youtube related to this they will fully show you the process of trading
  8. Most of the peoples taking about free coin in Yobit but to be very honest i dont know because i havent see such feature in yobit which can give you free coin
  9. As a beginner you will know about crypto which is the future money and also you will get to know about this rules of this forum
  10. Yes you are right but Imagination is important when you do hard work for something only imagination cannot make you a successful person
  11. it first my whole family was against Crypto but after gaining some profits my whole family invest money in it and now they are very happy with it
  12. Good begin is half done and beginner section provide much more information and knowledge about this forum and crypto than other section
  13. i will suggest everyone specially newbie that avoid copy pasting otherwise they will get ban without any warning and also respect the rules of this forum
  14. Thank you for suggestion and i think you are right we should also check other topics as well to gain some information from other topics as well
  15. Like seriously it was long ago that the Bitcoin was 20k and now it is 50k plus and still some people calling it scam and to be honest the bitcoin will rise much more
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