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  1. Team work is very good, if you can develop good team spirits then you can develop from all aspects and in this forum we can see the good team up with all the hero members , new members and moderators. We will get every solutions of all the problem within the minutes in this forum which is very helpful. Hope we gonna see the same spirits in the coming days.
  2. One of the great feature I like about the yobit is investbox because if you invest in a token then you can get upto 10% daily interest which is very great return and no other platform gonna offer you same rate and free coins and different bounty programs and so on.
  3. I think you can't disrespect any other members in this forum because they have their own freedom whatever they do you shouldn't worry because the admins are looking each and every moment and they will react very fast. If you don't like their post then you can give suggestion or leave the post by giving negative rates.
  4. I have followed your different post and all of them are useful and very informative. I am very glad that we have great mentors who shares the useful information and helps the new members like me who has just started in a last month. I am very thankful to this forum for providing me this opportunity.
  5. Yeah, they have to go through different security check and sometimes due to different errors and glitch and we can see our tokens in the balance but you shouldn't worry your token will be safe even if you don't send into the balance and within the next few days you can send to your balance.
  6. You can cover your loss if the price goes higher and amount of investment. Many people watches videos of earning $10000 in a day in different social platform. Yes, they are real they earn $10000 in a day because their investment is more than $100k even if the coin price rises by $0.5 you can easily earn your all the loss. So, all you have to do is take risk and even if you lose, move ahead.
  7. Yeah, it's better to invest in different crypto projects which has great plans @Moontong because for me gambling is like luck you don't know nothing until you see the result but at least you can analysis in investing whether the future is bright or not. It's from my prospective but many people are also earning through gambling.
  8. If should just hustle if you want to earn money while earning you should study too because education is most important then earning. If you want to earn in a short term then you have to take risk and start doing trading different currency, crypto and stocks which can make you rich as well as poor too. But if you want safe move then invest for long term like for a year and sell them. It has less risk but we have to wait even longer than that.
  9. Spending time by watching movies in the period is out of world and even you can learn through then who would stop you. I have already watched some movies but I am sure I am gonna watch all the movies.
  10. Cryptocurrency might help the economic growth of the government if the governments manages the use of the cryptocurrency in a systematic ways other wise it can collapse the whole economy because there are a lot of negative sites too.
  11. For me yobit and binance is one other greatest exchange because yobit is doing new things like giving earning opportunities and different bounty programs and free coins whereas in binance we can trade the coins easily and most of the good coins list in that platform first. So, yobit and binance is one of the greatest exchanges.
  12. Hope we gonna make good profits with talk token too within the next 15 days because in September we can exchange the tokens in to different coins. But the price isn't fixed yet hope we gonna see good price.
  13. Yes, this is very safe type of investment because we gonna loss very low and if the coin list in the good exchange then the price can be boom and you can get a lot of profit. But even you can go for defi projects if wanna earn profit then you should be very careful while investing in defi projects.
  14. But you should keep in mind @Mahmood9 that the market is very volatile in a overnight your portfolio can go from $2000 to $20. So, you should be very careful before investing in the new coins because investing by looking in different sites and youtube videos won't work all the time. You should analysis yourself then only you can earn otherwise you will ruined your portfolio.
  15. I have got in to this situation for multiple times but I didn't loss more. Even if I keep them in screenshots and copy them I forget where I have save that private keys. But I have now managed by making separate folder to keep my private keys. So, that I won't lose my coins.
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