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  1. No, I dont have SSD, but I have got the Hard disk drive but I am afraid that my laptop couldn't handle more and more and certainly will make my laptop more weaker. So, I am not doing this farming but this chia farming has changed the process of the farming because any one with the HDD and SSD can take participation and give their certain space and mining will be there. I was thinking of buying extra SSD but you know the situation outside, it is becoming more and more worst.
  2. REPORT FOR CHIA TOPICSTARTER COMPETITON: Topic link: My profile link: https://cryptotalk.org/profile/235073-izeal/
  3. Now Chia Network is on trending because it has just created the new system of farming where we can easily farm by using the HDD( harddrive disk) and SSD (Solid State Drive). I have been lot of member are going for chia farming even most of the member have started doing farming and there are lots of news coming in by saying like shortage of the hard disks and all which is just creating good hype. Even you be amazed by the pool price of this forum contest like 20k USDT for the 1st place which is really huge and there will be great competition over here. But you should atleast analyze whether it will be profitable or not? Chia Network is new blockchain and smart transaction platform which is convinent to use, way more easier and user friendly, secure and more efficient. Here, in this Chia Network you can do farming by providing your stroage from either Harddisk drive or SSD. And simply you have to have 108 GB for one plot which is way heavier for the normal computer, and in each plot you have created on your disk you will be rewarded with XCH token which depends on the luck and the more plot you have the more chances of wining more tokens. Even the minimum requirements are too small like 2 GB of RAM, 1.5GHX CPU,QUAD CORE, Python(any version above 3.7), At least 108GB of storage for a plot. But remember once that too big miners are participating in this farming contest and your 1 TB storage can be way smaller because they have industrial computer for farmingg and great mining rigs which can perform these tasks easily and faster than our small computer. So, you have to think about it and you should jump into buying more and more storage devices to mine. I have tried farming in my own device which is very decent normal laptop with 8 GB of ram, Intel Core i7 7th generation CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.60 GHz, and 1 TB Hard disk, I have tried armingf it but while creating plots my laptop gone crazy and I have to stop it. But yes, I have got external HDD or SSD then I could definintely do this Chia farming freely even if it uses more CPU and RAM. So, I don't recommend you to do farming if you have normal pc. But you have the got computer and have extra SSD or HDD then you can definitely do this farming and don't know if you are lucky and you still got in to the 11-30 th place then you gonna still make 1k USDT.
  4. This is one of the finnest information for our talk token as it has been decreasing and decreasing day by day and your thoughts about the utility of the talk token are the best because we need the work of the coin so other people will be interested and the price will grow more and more. So, hold tight and help this forum to grow more and more.
  5. Today I am going to share three defi projects which is doing well and it can perform very good in 2021. This list includes those defi projects which are creating hype in the market and still under value and all the coins includes their decentralized exchange. All the coins are thoroughly analyized invest in you own risk. 1) MDEX Mdex is gaining popularity day by day and it was started from this Janaury 2021 with in a few months it has already created good market capital of the defi project. It is one of the most popular defi exchange more than 43% market share. The price of MDEX is just 4$ now but we can expect 40-60$ as the performance of the MDEX exchange. 2) Royale Finance Royale Finance has become the favourite coin of the whale group because in every whale group we can see the news about the royale finance and we can see very good pump in this defi project these days. It is creating hype in the market and we can see it has very active twitter handle and other social media too. It is still very undervalued coin and it is traded in around 0.88$ now but we can easily expect more than 10$ in coming days even the supply of coin is very less than other projects only around 72 million which is very less because 10 million is already circulating volume. 3)Orion Protocol Orion Protocol is very great defi project because this coin is also creating hype in the defi market because we can see many people are investing in this project and even many people are active in their community and twitter. Orion protocol is having great update in the may month like listing in popular exchange and even they have been intregrated with BSC network which is very positive news and the price of coin is 20$ at this time.
  6. Yeah, it's too tough to get job lin the coinmarketcap because I think these websites are one of the greatest in cryptocurrency and we have to be best of all. Best of luck hope you will get job in coinmarketcap because you are one of the greatest member of this cryptotalk.
  7. Yeah @Whited35, I am just analyzing how this year have started and I am sure this big institutions gonna play big game in coming days and even market will be more easy to manipulate as they are accumulating more and more bitcoin and other many cryptocurrency.
  8. From the starting of the 2021, we can see good bullish sign and it's still going and I am sure there are more to come in the way. Even many big institution are involving in this year like tesla, grayscale have been adding more and more ethereum and bitcoin into their trust which is very good for the cryptocurrency. According to my analysis, I think there are many more to come and this is just start because many people are involving in tihs cryptocurrency and even cryptocurrency are doing things like airdrops and ico and listing in different exchanges which is helping the crypotcurrency to grow more and more. So, if you are afraid of the market crash then you shouldn't panick because we can see good correction in the coming days but this period will be very great opportunity, we can again long it to more and more high traget and take all the crypotcurrency to the moon.
  9. Binance is already one of the top exchanges and I think it has the more members and even the volume are too high. We can see too quick response in the binance exchange but why even the similar type our exchange yobit is lagging behind? The main reasons of the yobit lagging behind are: 1) Live customer service is unavailable in yobit and we have to create ticket and wait for certain time is very long process. 2) Many scam coins whose price only increases in the ico listing but we can never see the green candle then. 3) As I have learnt TA, I have to use technical indicator tools like MACD, moving average but it is unavailable in this yobit exchange. 4) Futures trading, leverage trading is also unavailable. These are the main disadvantage but I am sure this exchange will be in top because I am sure this exchange is working in other services like vmining and investbox too and if yobit focuses on these things then this exchange will be in top.
  10. Yes, I think these cryptocurrencies are the ways to remove poverty because you can easily make huge profit from the small margin due to leverage and make huge profit.
  11. I dont think any one is beginner or professional because every one is equal only difference is how much time they give on them to learn new things because the beginner is the result of professional and every one has started from beginner and you can also start from beginner and gain lots of experience and all.
  12. I like this forum because this forum has supported every one equally. They think about the other member because I think their employee is the main thing and with out we member this forum can't progress well. So, guys you have to show love to this forum even if it stops paying you.
  13. Yes, you can for sure. But you have to hardwork to earn and earning from this forum is quite easy if you are hardworking and it will be difficult if you are thinking that earning will be very easy.
  14. I was so unfortunate that I was removed from this forum because one of my dream to buy mobile because we have to look the trading platforms constantly because the market is very volatile and we could miss the opportunity in the market. So, I was unable to buy. So, I am trying my hard to achieve my goal.
  15. Exactly, if you are big whales and have the cryptocurrency in the huge amount then you will definitely get profit and you can manipulate the market in each trade. So you have to go with them in their flow and get success. If you dont have good volume for trading.
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