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  1. I am also one of them who have been come here for earning three weeks ago. I have tried many other ways to earn from online, but didn't find any legit site or application. Then my friend, who was already the member of Cryptotalk. I got to know about CryptoTalk through my friend who encouraged to join this forum and earn at the comfort of my room. Its just a pleasure learning in this forum and having the opportunity to earn with it.
  2. There is a student who needs money to complete his studies and there is a merchant who needs to expand his business. Cryptocurrencies are used these days more than paper money and will be used in the future more. From bitcoin i'm learning best way to trade,.i also use bitcoin to get and gain profits yo earn extra buy stuff and also to make trade as well this is so very use full in my daily basis less hastle.
  3. Dear in the yobit exchange the new comers may be face the money transfer problems because they have no proper knowledge for running the transactions in the yobit exchange account. Its the best effort for us to really realize the good effort that we work with , the money transfer problems always is solved after a week,
  4. I really admire the way that you took your time and explain all that is to be known about who are expert is. I think an expert is a person who have the ability of judgement. An expert is a person who know that what is true or right. There are people who have great knowledge in certain topics and are afraid to publish because they are new to the forum, and also on the other hand there are users with high reputations who, just as you say.
  5. Bitcoin is the most valuable currency and everyone wants to earn it and crypto talk give us this opportunity to earn Bitcoin if we earn 1 Bitcoin that it makes a huge income I have no words to explain it. We can be able to get information from both sites, thats why its important we are able to keep on posting good information here, because in the end it helps us i making the right comments that help our people so there is a reason as to why both are similar.
  6. Crypto has wallets for safe storage of coins. Of course you have to have an idea about the wallet. The wallet can be easily used for safekeeping, coin hold, trade and investment. This is very important for the safety and security of the wallet. You should not give any information about your wallet to anyone. And also investing in reputable and trusted platforms. There are hundreds or even thousands of fraudulent websites that steal your money.
  7. I firstly search in the search bar for confirmation that it is already exists or not. If not then I go for research on my topic and find for knowledge to share with others, I must collect useful information about cryptocurrencies in a correct manner and after that I write a post with high quality. I make income by investing in different sites. 2021 start with the price of BTC, LTC, ETH etc
  8. I have noticed many people who do not understand the topic. And copying the writings of others. Remember that if you post like this, all your posts will be canceled. Everyone comes here to learn something. This is what I want your posts to be useful. They only think that they gain money. So please you will make good content which is not match with other post. Don't think that you only get money by posting but also try to make useful content.
  9. I think no want to go with all this trouble to convert first in xrp and the withdraw then again convert xrp and with all these multiple transaction and risk to be stcuk anywhere. I would like to recommend to others to use XRP as it has minimal withdrawal fee of 0.5xrp. Good luck dear!!
  10. I am new to this forum, books of information on trading, but I was trading appointed a special platform in which trading Where is there a lot of risk in trading? This is why I only trade with little money, but sometimes I make money, sometimes I lose my money. Cryptocurrency trading has some of the basics that you must know such as currency prices, market movement and the safest sites for trading, these things we learn here in CryptoTalk to be able to start trading and be able to increase our profits. "If you find my post useful, then give positive reputation.❤️"
  11. I think I know a something about bitcoin prices. As we check the price graph of BTC then we can see that in the last decade, the prices have increased really madly and we can see a huge bullish candle there. have a tendency to be son now not typescript flourishing value foretelling, for the reason that booming cryptography nobody asserts cryptography currency quotes correctly, All new investors can make good profit from it easily. They need just bye bitcoin and hold it.
  12. I agree with you with all certainty, perseverance and hard work is the path of success. Knowledge and science are a prerequisite for achieving goals and reaching dreams. We must define our goals and strive to achieve them, and we will face many obstacles. The successful ones are those who have a goal they strive for and are ready to pay the necessary price to achieve it.
  13. We make good income by investing. We collect different tokens and sell them if prices go up. BTC is the most popular currency. This is true, so the verb is not good. It is bad. When we do like this, we are not strong enough to get better from this work. That's why I preach to all of them. If someone create plagiarism moderator will find it. All senior member should help all newbies to grow up with crypto talk. Work here as a honest worker of this forum.
  14. Thank you for sharing this topic with us.It is true that many comments or posts will be deleted because of useless topics. I think that it is wrong because your account is banned this activity. I think that we must share the informative materials and useful other members. Some members present in the forum copy and paste it and after posting a lot they get warning points or their account gets banned. Thank you!!
  15. We have the crypto world section which is really good for having a discussion about cryptocurrency and blockchain. There is also some crypto news discussed there. You may also visit the section of trading to know more things about trading. As I'm also a beginner i have no more experience about this forum but it's good that rules of this forum are gives for the help of beginner's and the good posts of that member's who are old. We can get experience of the old member's through their posts and comments.
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