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  1. first bitcoin is not very easy to earn and second this feeling is very good to purchasing things with bitcoins and i also want to buy some my favorite things with bitcoin.
  2. the value is not matter for me, how much it is or not, the matter is the value of bitcoin is very high and very powerful from all other currencies and this thing i like very much. because i am a bitcoin lover.
  3. i strongly agree with you, actually the crypto market is totally based on rise and fall of crypto coins prices, peoples invest money for coins best time, but actually no one know when coin rise or fall. this is the interesting thing, but there is morning after dark night.
  4. i think knowledge is a weapon of a noble person and he can win every war with knowledge and he will lose every war if he do not have any knowledge. so we all should try to get more knowledge.
  5. i am a gemstone lover and its my wish to buy some gems with Bitcoin, is my wish gona be complete in future or not. please share your precious comments and i consider your all comments are like a gems for me. please make my post like a gems also with your likes please.
  6. i am afraid to get banned by moderators, i read all rules carefully and i do not want to break any rule, please guide me how to get courage, please like my post to encourage me and guide me.
  7. your idea is very great but every member have its own way to earn from reference. youtube and ads site are best way to earn reference because every country and billions of peoples use youtube.
  8. mostly senior members are active in about form section, beginner section is a good section but i think they do not have any interest in beginners sections. or may be another reason they have.
  9. First you have to link your cryptotalk id from yobit then go to cryptotalk campaign option. there enter your email then you will be able to get amount for your 30 posts daily.
  10. its really possible to earn 1 bitcoin by investment but 2000$ is a very small amount and 1 month is a very short period to earn 1 bitcoin, i advise you to choose right site because many investment sites in crypto market are scams. they steal money from innocent peoples by making them fool and greedy.
  11. well the answer is in your question, your question is a very good sigh for crypto, crypto is a very famous and a successful project which adoped by many young business mans.
  12. is someone thing? if we can buy property and a car with cryptocurrency then what happen, near me its a very good idea because we can easily transfer our cryptos to buy property and its secure. and its a very unique way to purchase property. share your opinions and like my post please.
  13. i think ethereum is well trade coin just because of this is the second best coin in crypto market. and the sale of bitcoin is low as compared to ethereum just because of its prices, a common person cant afford bitcoin.
  14. if famous and trusted wallets are doing scam then on which we can believe and on which site we can keep our money and can invest, i heard 90 percent are scamming on internet site and i think its true.
  15. my question is not only for seniors because everyone can answer any post so please share your precious experience with me. so my question is, What is the prediction of bitcoin prices in next 2 month because june and july are best months for every businesses as expected.
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