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  1. No any stability in currency because it all depends on the exchange rate in grow when it demand is high and reduce if it demand is not like before with this it affect it price in the market so with that it change it currency percent.
  2. As for me I have no idea on how it is created but we love the platform and also gain from the forum and the investment aspect for the exchange in the coins with this I will take my time to study and no more about the cryptocurrency.
  3. We are aware of the telegram group and the channel in it platform we will impress for the knowledge on this aspect of the telegram to add to our old experience and used it skill all over.
  4. 2fa is not most because their are alot of security that one can used and we are not using that security types we also have our security we are using and we are happy and have confidence in the one we are using.
  5. To me and my understanding their should be earning for the followers because s a followers is you can do what is expected of you and if he follow the rules and regulations their should benefit from the platform.
  6. As a beginner you should learn and understand more about block chain and cryptocurrency on internet and also seek it skills for better investment and also respect and follow it rules and regulations guiding the platform.
  7. Thanks for bringing this to us as an advice we will try and look for places where we will have the tutorial, seminars, lectures and symposium on block chain and cryptocurrency on internet and it likes.
  8. For every day at least twenty but untill you get reputation for all if not you will not get paid for all and for you to get reputation you have to create good topic and also comment very well on each topic you are writing on.
  9. We can do alot here which are as follow by creating topics, writing a comment, rating a good comment and investment for making profit. With this all one have more knowledge.
  10. Learning is more important than earning why because knowledge come first before income you find income with knowledge one that didn't have knowledge cannot find I come.
  11. The importance of staying I the forum is to read members comment for reputation and also to learn from members ideas and get more knowledge to know more about the forum and more about the world at large.
  12. This is a good observation and a good understanding because is hard for some to understand talk more to thing of something positive for coexistence in the same platform. Is good to help by writing under some one that did something wrong in the cost of discharging his or her duties.
  13. With this that you show us we will try to report any of it likes for our safety and security purpose in to the forum and we will be very careful not to be as a victim in any form.
  14. Thanks for the advice and bringing this information to our notice before falling as a victim and members we should be adhere to all advice in this great forum so that we will all be save from the scammers
  15. This is not even good in this platform because it has been started in the rules and regulations guiding the forum that one should not copy and paste anything title and information it will cost warning or banned.
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