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  1. You are welcome. First, you must read the rules and abide by them. The skill required of you is to search for important matters related to coding and write about it well and in an understandable language
  2. Hello my friend, I think that cryptocurrencies are stronger in the field of trade than stocks. When you own cryptocurrencies, you can be the trader and controller of your balance to sell whenever you want.
  3. Good morning, I agree with you, my friend, as everyone must write correctly so that all members can understand the content of the post. There are several publications whose meaning was lost because they were not understood and no one benefited from them in this forum. Everyone can improve their English language by continuing and following up.
  4. My friend, I think that you provided all the advice and your explanation was sufficient and adequate for the newcomers, but I have a simple addition to them. Do not make all your goals financial gain. Enjoy this forum. Take the experience and knowledge you can. The more knowledge and experience you gain, the faster you achieve your ambitions here.
  5. I agree with you, my friend, because determination and will are the most important factors for success and achieving what you desire, and your insistence on continuing and working hard will lead you to what you dream of.
  6. You are right, there are a lot of fraudulent platforms today. We must all beware of false promotion, following popular platforms and relying on our investment on known currencies.
  7. Hello, I agree with you and I think we all did not expect or imagine that we will get it. I feel happy and enthusiastic to continue. Once you give your opinion, you get paid. It's a wonderful thing. I hope to continue.
  8. I prefer, my friend, to pay in Bitcoin or Ethereum. I think that it is the best currently in transactions for me. The exchange of cryptocurrencies in my country is not allowed now. I hope that allowing dealing with them.
  9. Me too, my friend, I thought like you, but I discovered after my participation on this site that there are many things that we have to learn and get to know and it takes a lot of focus and gaining experience from all the experiences presented to us.
  10. I am currently a beginner and I use one wallet, but if I get a lot of bitcoin currencies, I will definitely distribute them to many wallets. I cannot trust one wallet. I don’t know what might happen in the future with these wallets.
  11. My friend, this is a stock currency. You cannot fully predict the price. Perhaps the purchase may be made at a very high price, and it may rise more than what you bought, or it may fall. This is a game of luck and good planning.
  12. Hello, my friend, this matter happens with everyone. Everything new and largely unknown is subject to denial and is characterized by lack of credibility. I have been mocked because of my entry into this field. Some of them said that it is a fake currency and some of them said it is only fraud and it has no credibility, but I am doing my best to change this point of view.
  13. I have been working here for two months. I liked working here. It has a lot of gathering useful information and the preference for earning Satoshi. I collect information until I become an expert in trading.
  14. I am the best of the two options in real estate trading. I do not think there is a loss as if your money is used in fruitful projects and in cryptocurrency trading, if the person is successful and has a successful investment plan, he will earn a lot of money.
  15. You are right my friend, these methods are good for profit. I think trading is very good for profit if you follow an investment plan, and also long-term storage may be rich in profits.
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