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  1. That’s great. It’s available in just a few country. In mine, the government isn’t so much interested in cryptocurrencies and their regulations. The use of cryptocurrency is booming in my country because of the amount of money that flows into the country in form of remittances. Countries with with high amount of remittances inflow can’t ignore the cheap fees of using cryptocurrency.
  2. Just want to add that this works the same way when using mobile. There’s a little glitch with the quote feature. When you click the quote button, the phone screen moves in a way that the user has to scroll back down to find the end of the quote. I guess this is only peculiar to mobile users as monitors have a larger screen.
  3. There are scams in every profiting industry. Crypto is no exception. That why you should read about the risks before going into any form of investing. People don’t read. And that’s the reason why scammers Make profit.
  4. This a new forum. Secondly, it seems to be closely similar to Bitcointalk so Newbies who can’t use Bitcointalk because of the strict rules there find cryptotalk a better option. Thirdly, there are just a few moderators. Fourthly, the admin bounty to pay for posts. Although, these few points have generally positively affected the forum, it has its own demerits. It good you pointed this out, but it’s going to take time. If you’re looking for a near perfectly free of spam forum, then btt is an option. Keep pointing these issues out. There’s probably going to be more contribution from other forum users, and the moderators should certainly take the advice. It takes me good time to find useful posts on this forum. Things are still jammed up. Spam on a number of threads by new users. Bad English posts that still gets liked (RP). Users asking questions over and over again. Guess the Mods are reading. And this gets resolved soon.
  5. It’s important to note that Blockchain based Smart Contracts became popular in 2017 with the introduction of ICO. Most crowdfunding campaign used smart contracts to reward their sponsors with crypto tokens. Smart contracts is an interesting part of cryptocurrency and I believe it has a future in the real time world. Ethereum leads the new technology of blockchain based Smart contract. There’s also LISK ((which uses JavaScript language for programming) and there’s Cardano. It’s also important to know, that it takes just a few steps to create your own smart contract if you know the basics. Smart Contract developers make a good amount of money. It takes hard work to create a foolproof smart contract but you would be paid handsomely.
  6. The last sentence is important. Most people think it’s just luck. But Nah, it’s more than just luck. When there’s a loss, you should learn not to make same mistakes again and same goes with profits. Learn to capitalize on your best trading skills. Practice and master those skills before moving on to another.
  7. That’s an important question. It’s foolish in itself to give information that is worth huge profits. Of all markets, cryptocurrencies market is very volatile. You should check the meaning of volatile. It takes a trader with good risk management skills to stay in profit. Build your career and confidence by making decisions yourself.
  8. It does hurt really bad. I remember when I lost my keys to a wallet. I guess it was a friend who stole them, but it hurt really bad. I lost a good amount of cryptocurrency savings. But I learnt to store my tokens properly and protect my keys. It’s advisable not to store all your crypto assets in just one wallet. Very risky. Instead store them differently, and preferably use a ledger wallet.
  9. It’s a volatile market. Take profits when you can, and reinvest. That’s how the circle goes. One day, altcoin prices goes high, and the next day, it’s low again. But I do hold back some altcoins on long term. These are a few very well researched coins. I’ll only sell them when there’s a huge profit that is in a bull run. Buy the deep, sell in profit.
  10. Most traders after a series of loses in the first few months of trading would go in search of trading signals from so called Professionals. This thread is to point out flaws in this trading option, and reasons why you should learn to trade yourself. First, What’s a Trading signal? Trade signals (trading calls) are a set of instructions you receive in real time that contains details of cryptocurrency to buy, what price to buy it at, the targets to sell it at and most importantly the correct stop loss to ensure minimum loss if the trade goes wrong. But there’s always a BUT! 1. When using a trading signal, you have no idea how these signals were generated. If it actually came from a professional or just some random bot. It takes confidence to make a successful trade, and without confidence in the signal, there’s a high chance you’ll be losing. This brings us to the next BUT 2. To ensure the trading signal comes from an experienced professional, people pay heavily for these signals. But even if these signals were right, the amount of profit made from these trades are small amounts compared to the amount you pay for the signals. You’ll have to trade using huge trading Capital to cover the cost of a the trading signal. Does this sound familiar? Yes. Gambling. You’ll might get more chances Gambling than trading with these signals. 3. So, some traders (especially newbies) would prefer to trade using a free trading signal. But there’re no actually no free signals. They come at a cost. People who give these signals are paid by the project team, exchange or paid by large whales who want to dump their tokens. You buy their dumped tokens and you’re left with no one to buy at the stop loss price. 4. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile. Profits could go as high as 400% in a few hours and dump to as low as 400% in few hours. Bitcoin, (the most traded cryptocurrency with a market dominance of over 60%) has risen by more than 5% in 24 hours, and up to 1,824% in less than 8 months. Same goes for its fall. These are just a few risks with trading signals. It’s important to note, that I don’t condemn the use of trading signals. There’re quite a good number of trading signals, but these are few. It’s worth much better to - Take responsibility by making decisions yourself. - Learn Risk Management Skills. - Understand the process of cryptocurrency trading. - Build your Trading Career. Trading isn’t more than just a signal, it’s a career. So you have to build it.
  11. Breaking down a trading tactic to simple steps and methods is only possible when you are an experienced trader. This is a rule that is not limited to trading. When you do things over and over again, you naturally find easier ways to do it, and with more precision. But that could only happen with experience. You can follow other people methods, especially when you understand how it works and if there are simple it’s great.
  12. This is the part they don’t tell you about. Thanks for pointing that out. Crypto is a high profit yielding space. People make a lot of money in a short time when they invest in the right coin. You might say they’re lucky. But it’s no luck, it comes from years of experience. Crypto is also a high losing field. So be careful. I’ll advise you to invest only what you’re willing to lose.
  13. Put some work in first. It takes lots of dedication, that’s why most newbies don’t trade. There is another option to trading. And that is Holding on long term. When you hold long term, you are definitely going to make profits only if you hold the right coin. Holding BTC ETH LTC for long term has been profiting for people over the time.
  14. In addition to what you’ve said, Here are Things to take note; 1. Your earning would only reflect after you’ve made 50 good posts of 100 characters minimum each on the forum. 2. Put the your UID number correctly. 3. You would receive payments for only 30 posts daily. Each post must have 100 characters each to qualify. 4. You would receive payments for days when you don’t make up to 30 posts. (It’s the maximum post not minimum). 5. Enjoy the forum.
  15. Of course your decisions should be influenced by the experiences of others. But, it’s very important you make decisions, and stand by it when you’re sure it would bring profits. When you lose you earn experience and when you gain, you make profit and become a better trader. It’s important to note that making foolish decisions doesn’t count as an experience. Make smart trades, and learn to manage risk.
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