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  1. What makes bitcoin special is that not even the most specialists can determine if its value is going to rise or fall, in addition to being the basis of many other currencies. Besides that it is not handled like traditional currencies, no one can alter it at will, besides that it has made many people earn large amounts of money quickly.
  2. Ethereum today has a value of almost $ 400, I strongly advise you to invest in this currency, its price has been on the rise since last year, it is a crypto that despite being worth a lot, its commissions are not high. I invested in ethereum last year and the profit has been positive, let's hope it continues to increase in value
  3. The best experience in the world of crypto is learning from mistakes, when you learn from mistakes in the future you will do better. Getting advice is good, but with the right people, if you get advice with someone who only helps you to see yourself benefited, it will not bring you anything good. Abrir en Google Traductor
  4. I regret having started late in the world of cryptos, before it was very easy to have high portions in btc, but this forum has helped us all a lot, in addition to rewarding us for publishing, we can also inform ourselves of many cryptographic activities, we can do entertaining discussions and clarifying our doubts.
  5. I believe that BTC will exist for many more years, today thousands of daily transactions are made with BTC. It is very difficult for them to eliminate BTC from the virtual market, another currency would have to arrive that exceeds it in price and that is very unlikely. The btc will continue to lead the market for a long time.
  6. As of today, October 13, 2020, bitcoin is very close to reaching 12,000 dollars and this last month every day it has been increasing, surely we will see that it will end up reaching that price of 12,000 in an apso of 2 weeks I estimate I, I think it is the moment that we have to invest in BTC.
  7. I learned about this about the crypto world thanks to a close friend 3 years ago, at first I did not understand much of this, I started working on a small page that gave btc satoshis to solve captchas, after I was investigating, I went deeper into this world , until I get to the knowledge that I have to date.
  8. Due to the complex economic situation that exists thanks to the covid pandemic, my biggest motivation now is cryptocurrencies, it has helped me a lot to pay my expenses, in addition to the fact that with the crypto world I have learned a lot about the virtual market, I want to continue working in this for much longer
  9. China is one of the active countries that handles more money in cryptocurrencies, bitcoin had its origin there, in addition to the fact that China is one of the countries that makes the price of bitcoin more affected, without a doubt world powers such as China and the United States are the epicenter of bitcoin
  10. In this world of cryptos, where the market is so volatile, there will always be that risk of having massive losses, so we must take things easy, be clear about the risks we must take and learn from mistakes to be better traders. It has also happened to me that I have lost significant sums of money, I have tried to learn from it.
  11. I wish I had been lucky enough to find money in old wallets, I have read cases of people who had stored high amounts of BTC and those people practically became millionaires. Whoever originally made the post found a large amount of BTC, that's $ 1,500.
  12. Stable currencies are an opportunity to protect our income from market volatility. If we want to maintain our profits it is highly advisable to invest in any of them. In addition, stable currencies have a commission for each transaction is much lower than that of volatile currencies, such as BTC.
  13. What I would do would be to invest in the cryptos that are more on the rise in recent months, ethereum and bitcoin would be a very good way to invest, with the passage of time I think that 1 ethereum can be worth $ 3,000 and bitcoin could exceed 20,000 dollars, we would recover that investment more than enough.
  14. People usually say that because there are a lot of pages that end up being scam, asking for money in advance to be able to withdraw or making you see advertisements in order not to pay what was promised, but with experience you will already know which are the pages that give a good indication of payment . People must be well informed, because this crypto world is full of opportunities.
  15. Usually virtual currencies are stable when there is a similar amount of supply and demand, although this is not always the case, usually the market for cryptos is very volatile and we will never know exactly if a price is really going to remain stable. Proof of this is bitcoin, which is the basis of many cryptos and its price is never stable
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