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  1. I believe cryptocurrency has a profound effect on the world and can really be directed towards making the current systems more efficient and stable. If anything, it will change the way banks and the financial systems work and give back power to the people.
  2. If you are using your personal "CPU" to mine bitcoin then yes, it can be bad for your computer because the CPU can overheat and get broken. However, if you are using an ASIC or a specifically designed bitcoin mining machine, then NO, it will not be bad at all.
  3. Because of the recent bull run resulting in BTC to rise above $10k USD levels, some people can now make little profit with decent GPUs like the 1080ti. The profit will be small but it is there. How long it will last is another question.
  4. Glad to hear that this forum is for long term growth. The tagline i believe is a great new addition to the forum, so kudos to the admins, devs, and moderators of the forum who have been working tirelessly to make it a great place. I look forward to seeing more improvements being implemented. 🙂
  5. Thanks for sharing this. Didn't know something like this exists, regularly checking this whale alert will really be useful to watch out for manipulation. Only downside is you need a twitter account which is a platform i've long since denounced using.
  6. One could actually argue that storing it in multiple locations is actually unsafe because it increases the chance that it eventually gets found and stolen. If you truly want to be more secure just keep one copy in a more guarded/safe place instead.
  7. While it does consume quite a lot of power, it really is blown out of proportion because printing money and coins actually costs more natural resources if you come to think of it. People saying bitcoin is not nature friendly are just looking flaws without using their brain.
  8. Now is not only the best time to sit on ethereum, but rather, actually BUY some ethereum. It's on a big discount right now that will surely pay off in the future because of all the innovation and hardwork that vitalik and the ethereum developers are putting into it.
  9. It's sad really. The amount of posts being deleted today just shows that the owners of this forum are getting desperate and don't want to pay it's users the right amount. So much posts are being deleted that the only safe thing to do is already post on threads that are already very long.
  10. I've downloaded the BAT brave browser but i haven't set up everything up because it seems to much of a hassle to do so and withdraw funds. It seems you have to "pretend" to be like a publisher then buy bat coins and send them elsewhere. Seems too "hacky" just to earn $5..
  11. I truly despise irresponsible people who loose keys just like this, especially when lots of people depend and count on you. The amount of 33 BTC is no small amount and it is purely irresponsible for the CEO to simply loose it just like that. He should be held accountable and be asked to pay for it.
  12. The fee is actually really low, if you're smart enough to get around it. You are withdrawing using bitcoin, of course the fees will be high because of the network transaction fees, not yobit's fees. All you need to do is withdraw using a smaller coin like ETH or XRP which have much lower tx fees.
  13. It seems that old topics are being DELETED and not locked. For what reason, nobody knows but we can only speculate that it is because the forum wants to control spending and pay less, because when they delete posts, it means users will need to post more before they get paid again.
  14. Of course, i very much so believe that crypto has the potential to change millions of lives, for the better. That is why crypto has so much value, because it is changing how the way the world's financial systems work. I'm buying more today expecting an increase in value of bitcoin and crypto because of this.
  15. For sure, bitcoin is the most stable of all crypto and will surely retain and GROW in value in the coming years. Personally, i believe now is even a good time to invest and buy more of it. I don't see any reason for bitcoin to not succeed.
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