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  1. It depends on how good you are at trading, it also depends a bit on how lucky you are when entering projects, but if it can be very profitable
  2. Maybe all technology companies will try to get their own cryptocurrency but as we know sooner or later some will fail and others will not
  3. Litecoin is a currency that has all my confidence, its transactions are fast, its commissions low, and it usually moves enough to make money with it
  4. The truth is very good advice, that a cryptocurrency has risen a lot in price, does not exactly mean that it is worth something
  5. You cannot carry an exact percentage of how many airdrops are real and which ones are not, that also depends on which ones you find out, but if we did each and every one of the airdrops that they promote on twitter, I think they would not be even 10% real
  6. I also started with the faucets, thank goodness I left them quickly, yes, it is a way to get free satoshis, but it is too demanding and the reward is minimal
  7. I am Venezuelan and I can say that the petro is useless at all, it is just another government scam
  8. Well currently this is the project that sounds the most, it is DEFI, I have to admit that I do not know much about the currency, I have to investigate more
  9. Haha, not even google has such detailed documentation on what they are for and how to use recaptchas, haha thank you very much
  10. You are very right, all the advice you gave, are exactly what I always give, detecting a scam is not that difficult when you have been here for a while
  11. A token is a currency that is in an initial stage, which possibly has no value, but wants to make itself known, a cryptocurrency already has value and is known
  12. If you can, but you have to learn, for example to trade, it depends on how much you invest you can easily make $ 20 a day, you can also supplement with airdrops
  13. Currently I work as a freelance programmer, this together with cryptocurrencies is what has helped me a lot in this pandemic
  14. If I had to choose one, it would be trustwallet because it is the one that I have used the most and the one that I think has the most things to do with your coins, including investing them
  15. Thank you very much for the apps, maybe I can find a time to take a look and try them all
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