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  1. I believe that if we make comments with respect and answering the subject in question, we do not have to receive negative reactions from anyone. I also think that since there are many people here, some are not going to like what we comment, and in that sense it can give us a bad reaction. But if we do things right, we don't have to worry
  2. I think that at the moment we are not going to see a replacement of fiat currency by cryptocurrencies, I think it will take many years for that to happen. But I do not believe that bitcoin is the replacement for fiat money, but rather stable currencies would do it. I believe that the role of bitcoin in history is not to replace the dollar, but gold. To become the largest store of value in the world in the next few years, I believe that in the next 20 years we will see an increase in the value of bitcoin never seen before. And when everyone adopts it, we will slowly see how we replace fiat money with cryptocurrencies.
  3. I think bitcoin mining is the most profitable thing in the world right now. But not all of us can invest in this, because to have good rewards at the end of the day, we have to have a very powerful team to be able to mine. And these have a very high cost, they also consume a lot of energy and generate a lot of heat since they are working 24 hours a day. I believe that in very few places are they correct to mine bitcoin correctly, and hopefully one day I can have a team of these. I also believe that a solution is cloud mining, we can rent someone else's miner for a certain time and thus receive the rewards, obviously this does not generate the same profits, but it is a good option.
  4. Cryptocurrencies are coming out every day without any project behind. I think it is the worst investment of all, because we can lose a lot of money, since all these currencies not only do not have a serious project behind, but they do not have a visible face that we can check, they also do not have a roadmap or anything like it. I think that in these cases, many of those who enter these projects are newbies. Those of us who have been in this world for much longer, we know how risky it is to buy any of these coins, and I think we have to warn many people not to get into those, because they can lose all the money
  5. Until today it happens to me that I cannot find comments or old topics that I publish quickly, sometimes I just want to share the link with some friends so that they can read what I put, but I just can't find it. I would also like there to be an option to know what is wrong when a comment is deleted. I think that would help us so much to improve, not only in our writing or what we talk about, but it would serve the forum a lot because that way we can learn to create better topics. But not knowing where we are going wrong, we do not know how to improve. I don't think I'm the only one this happens to
  6. The first thing I did when entering the world of cryptocurrencies was to buy my first bitcoins. To later buy a coin called Elrond on the advice and signals of a youtuber. I think those were the first steps and I went very well, and I trusted myself and I think that made me lose a lot of money. Because it is bad starting earning a lot of money, because you are not learning, you are only winning. But if you don't learn to "not" lose money in the beginning, you are at great risk of losing everything. I think one of the most important things to do before buying a coin is to do a lot of research on what the project is about.
  7. I think that the gold reserve as we know it has to end somehow, because it is something that does the world bad. Practically the nation that has the most gold is the most powerful. And it's just a metal that comes out of the ground. It is true that it has many uses in various industries but it is also true that instead of reserving it, they must use it for many other things. And I believe that bitcoin is on the way to supplanting gold as the largest store of value of all. I think that in the next few years we are going to see an exponential increase in the price of bitcoin and everyone is inevitably going to have to start using it.
  8. I think it's a very good idea, and I think electronic payments are the future of the economy. The first country to want to eliminate paper money is China. With the launch of its own cryptocurrency for everyday use, it seeks to eliminate money as we know it. And that the world's number one power in trade matters wants to do it and if it is successful it is very good for everyone. I believe that before us we have a unique opportunity in every sense, because if China's imprint is successful, many more countries will follow suit.
  9. I don't think any currency can ever surpass the market capitalization of bitcoin. I can explain why, each of the currencies was created for a purpose, and bitcoin is created to be the largest store of value of all time. I think that's his place in the world. And as for etherium, I think it is destined to host many of the new projects that are to come on its main network. And I think that is its place, with the launch of etherium 2.0 it will bring many good things, such as correcting the price of transactions and being bigger, it will be able to accommodate all the new projects that will come out in the future. .
  10. I think it is a mistake only to read the predictions to invest in some cryptocurrency. I think the best thing before putting our money somewhere is to investigate as much as we can about something to be sure that we are not going to lose money. We still have several ways to invest, my favorite and the one that gives me the most fruits, is to do a deep investigation of a new project in which I am interested, and after that buy to hold for a few months. I think it is a way to invest, and it has led me to earn a lot of money when that project is finally launched. You can also scalp or just follow signs.
  11. I agree that there are many more cryptocurrencies than there should be. Because many of them are scams, they promise that their price will be very good and they actually have a price that is not worth a penny on the dollar. Because some don't even have a good project behind them to support their value. It is also very good that before you can invest, or that you put the money in any of these currencies, investigate very well where you are getting into, I think it is the most important thing above all the things we must do before investing in any crypto .
  12. I think that one of the best ways to have a good investment is to amplify the amount of coins we have in our portfolios, because that way we will be able to have greater control of losses. Since having several, we can better bear the losses with the gains of some, and of course always have the stop loss order. Because without this, we are at risk of losing much more money than we want. I also believe that it is very important to have bitcoin, because it will become a very important store of value for all of us, and I believe that as soon as we can accept this, we will be able to invest better.
  13. I am not sure that they will last forever, but if I can assure you that they are changing the global economy and the way we see money forever, I believe that we are just in the birth of cryptos, and that we will have many centuries with them from now on. And I think that when the whole world starts to see how great it is to trade crypto, we are going to have a very good turnaround for everyone. Because I firmly believe that we are facing the greatest technological revolution of all of this century. And when we can see with much broader perspectives we will know the magnitude of all this.
  14. Sometimes it also happens that experts get angry at people's ignorance. And they too have to learn that not all of us were born knowing everything. That they were also beginners in the world of cryptocurrencies at some point, I think that by having more tolerance for others, we will be able to form a much more pleasant community for all of us. I also think that it is good for newbies to ask a lot of questions, because they are the most experienced in this community, to be able to get rid of doubts and lend us their knowledge that they have gained year after year. I think this forum is a great community
  15. One of my favorite and most secure wallets that I know is NEXO wallet. It is one of the best I know, it works like a crypto bank. You can earn 10% compound annual interest paid daily in different cryptocurrencies. You can also borrow from a 5.9% APR interest, you also have almost 100 million insurance on all custodial assets. In addition to offering you the security patterns that suit you best, such as a fingerprint reader and the double authentication factor that if you like you can activate it. The best thing is that it is updated almost every week.
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