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  1. Yes, I like this forum too It's a good place to talk, learn more about crypto, and get answers to all your questions
  2. Thanks for your very useful post. Yes, you are right, who think that investing or trading is profitable and easy will lose a lot of money. They have to learn a lot of things first before they start training and invest
  3. For investment, I think BTC because you can invest with BTC in all crypto investment sites For trading BTc is good but i prefer usdt
  4. You should have an yobit account the enter your crypto talk ID in then when you have BTC send it to your yobit wallet to withdraw
  5. Yes, I also liked this forum, and I agree with you It is a very useful forum for all beginners to earn some money and learn more about crypto
  6. You first need to complete 100 post to verify your account then you can get 1k Satoshi per any post or reply
  7. Thanks for sharing it's a very important advice. Yes, all beginners are looking for the big profit and they lose a lot because of that. But the real profit comes after work and be patient
  8. Yes, you're right Because most of these sites give a very small profit, or it's a scam, like 90% of airdrop. But there are some very profitable airdrops.
  9. Do not worry, these problems don't happen often It's happened with me before, I was trying to withdraw some litecoin and it's take much time i think this happens because yobit balance is empty
  10. Thanks for your warning Yes, you are right double investment sites are scam. They pay you in their first days from the money of other investors to make you invest again then you lose all your money. So be careful Guys and do not try to invest in one of them.
  11. in my opinion airdrop is the best way to earn free new tokens. But it takes a lot of time to get a real profit and it is difficult to find good airdrops because there are a lot of scammers who create fake airdrop projects and in it, they sell their fake tokens, So be careful before pay anything
  12. I don't know why, but it could be an old problem. it did not happen with me i use the same email in both
  13. btc price is determined by how much someone is willing to pay for that bitcoin. The market sets the price of bitcoin as same as Gold, Oil, Sugar, Grains, etc. is determined. Bitcoin, like any other market, is subject to the rules of supply and demand. More Demand, Less Supply = Price Goes Up More Supply, Less Demand = Price Goes Down
  14. Yes, it is a very important topic Lots of new people start investing because of the investment sites big offers up to doubled your money But there is big risk in invest because many sites are scam so sometimes you have to invest what you can afford to lose
  15. There are many ways to win some free coins but most of them have a very small profit. And in my opinion, CryptoTalk is the best way to earn free money it is also useful for learning more about crypto
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