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  1. The Best Hours for Forex Trading The week begins at 6 p.m. EST on Sunday and runs until 5 p.m. on Friday. Not all hours of the day are equally good for trading. The best time to trade is when the market is most active.
  2. To my thinking Crypto currency is a digital currency that's use online as medium of exchange and means of saving fiat online there is no physical crypto currency so that's why its different from fiat current
  3. Very very simple you just need to share the link on social media and copy the sharing post link and paste it on the blank space on previous tab then check till its okay and then verify robot that all
  4. Yes you are right some platform are there to scam waste peoples time create traffic and hack some info but earning free btc is great but there are fake mining also that's just it
  5. Yes you're right but not everyone have idea about crypto and some find it difficult and they can't posses one as there worth
  6. The best time trade is Sunday to Friday And there is time lapses and again with knowledge about the peers u wanna sell or buy
  7. I'm using it in good manner and sometimes I convert it to cash sometimes I use it to trade or make transaction at some major point it was acceptable as means of payment
  8. Punishment is OK for newbie not knowing that what they were posting or commenting is not really something reasonable and useful
  9. Yes I like that that's another reasonable comment like to see more of your post and useful comment keep it up
  10. Cryototalk, yobit, hashingadspace,west coast, and bitcointalk this platform real cool to earn for students and crypto lovers
  11. Well the usefulness of followers is to get more post from the post they have comment on or the one they initially post by themselves
  12. Yes that's just It they should be enlighten after the punishment they shouldn't be ban but in another look some are here to spam so the answer is somehow mix
  13. No its not if you wanna learn from them then visit some profile and those with high content you can message one and lucky if you got reply message them wisely and they will put u on a track
  14. Is the founder of bitcoin satoshi is premature coin that's so low to real standard thats why he call it bit by bit coin which means gradually and with patience it will become something great in the future unknowly its now call bitcoin the accumulation of satoshi is bitcoin so that's why he use his name to name the coin so that he we be forever remember in the world of crypto
  15. Well in my opinion I will suggest punishment cos there are some newbie who doesn't understand English well so they should be punish and later if they ask why they were punish then we will comment with language they understand
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