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  1. I prefer to buy BTC, ETH, and BNB because the coin has the potential for the long term and is very good for those of you who intend to long term
  2. Free coins in yobit have very little value, but if there are a lot of donors who want to donate a portion then they can be very valuable
  3. If you send to the wrong address then you can not refund and it is unfortunate when the incident occurred Double check before sending coins / tokens to avoid sending wrong address
  4. It's difficult to register now, if you use VPN to register, of course they will know you if you use VPN Because a lot of cheater so they limit registration in some countries
  5. I have found many freelancer projects, but if freelanex has its own uniqueness and can compete with other projects
  6. I only hope that bitcoin, including altcoin, will reach a new ATH in 2020, because many rumors say that in 2020 BTC will increase in price.
  7. Airdrop distribution will start next month, so there is still an opportunity to register and get airdrop from keybase
  8. Airdrop if there are many participants who register a lot of prizes will be a little, but there are airdrops that offer big prizes so do not despair in finding airdrops
  9. I still hold bitcoin whatever happens on the market today and don't exchange it for stablecoin like USDT or other stablecoin
  10. Im here because see signature on bitcointalk forum and my friends also share about forum cryptotalk on social media groups
  11. Joining an airdrop or bounty is more profitable and highly recommended for beginers than playing a faucet that only makes your time
  12. It is a good idea to just write comments that you can get tokens, I hope this tokens can go to major exchangers
  13. Of course, this country are support for payment to use brave browser At this time, ads in Brave Rewards are available to view in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand and the U.K.
  14. KYC is only for avoiding scams, money laundry and increase deposit or withdrawal limits so it's ok for exchangers to ask KYC to their users, and now almost every exchange must do KYC if you want to trade in huge volume
  15. If i remember it seems like i only got 400-600 xrb, but when i saw the xrb price touched 20$ i regret not holding xrb 😞
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