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  1. I have also faced this kind of problem where the posts are not counted properly and also there I can't add my earning balance into yobit wallet where if I click on the Send in my BTC balance the button didn't work. I try to contact the support team but they didn't reply yet. It's really disappointing me.
  2. Cryptotalk is newly launched I mean it's only 6 months old which was launched in September last year and yobit and the admins are the owners of this forum.
  3. You can create more than 30 pots for each day but the problem is you can not make more than 30k satoshi even you are creating more than 30posts due to it's the rules of this forum where you can not earn more than 30k satoshi each day.
  4. Those are joined here obviously happy with this platform due to here you can learn about crypto and also beside this you can make money which no platform gives us this opportunity.
  5. A few days ago the admin changes the time between to post which is 5 minutes but at this moment they change it again and it might be 2 to 3 minutes.
  6. In the current time, there is no app for cryptotalk due to the admin is not published yet but I am happy with this web version. So, admin knows better that they will launch an app or not.
  7. Using Paypal to buy bitcoin is quite complicated where they require a lot of fees. So, it's better to avoid it and there is a lot of exchange platform where you can easily buy bitcoin.
  8. In my country crypto is not legal so it's quite hard to know how many people are using it but as know that there not many more people using crypto where most of the people don't know about this thing.
  9. There is a few sites which provide physical products which you can buy through cryptocurrency but the problem is this kind of site is not well known. You try youtube there might be you can find about it.
  10. Well, I didn't hear about this thing before. Does it a crypto wallet or something else. By the way, there is a section called the service section you can post there about this.
  11. This post is really useless and it seems you are quite an old member of this forum so you should know the rules. If you continue doing this kind of thing then you can not stay for long here.
  12. From my experience, I can say that this kind of site pays the first few days then when people are believing that the site is legit and more people invest there then suddenly then gone. So, for me, I will prefer to avoid this kind of site.
  13. Thank you for sharing about this site but as my experience, I saw that this kind of site will stop paying in a few days. The first few days they pay but after someday when people think it was legit and more people gather there then they will go.
  14. First time I heard about this faucet site. It seems like freebitco site, right? As I know the faucet site pays low. So, how much I can earn from here?
  15. I heard about this thing before on this forum and also from youtube but I didn't use it yet. Can you tell me one thing that is how much we can earn from here?
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