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  1. I heard about this thing from a Facebook post but didn't try it yet because someone tells me that it is not paying now. So, does it really paying now? Can you show me any payment proof?
  2. I am using it throughout laptop so, until now I am satisfied with this web version and i am using it without any issues. but at this moment I can't say how good if they launch an app. After using that I can share my opinion but if they launch then it will be helpful especially those who are using an android phone.
  3. Jokeer

    Crypto earning

    At this moment earning from bitcointalk is quite hard for their strict rules and also from there most of the projects are a scam. So, cryptotalk is better than bitcointalk.
  4. All of the sector of my life I used bitcoin I mean after converting it in cash by this i fill up my necessary thing and bitcoin helps me lot financially.
  5. Well, it's totally depends on you I mean if you buy bitcoin when the price I $7500-8000$ then you can sell it now but if at the begin price of buying is i lose then it's bettor to hold.
  6. This is a piece of quite great news that now video game involved with bitcoin. As we know that a huge number of people are involved with a video game so when it happens then more people are attacked on it and people try to join with bitcoin.
  7. Well, I don't know about this thing before but I only know that you can earn BTC from coinbase by referral link and it only happens when your referral invest more than 100 dollars in crypto,
  8. Yes, it's true that Bitcoin was built using the C ++ programming language which made a lot of things easy just like blockchain technology.
  9. The main purpose of bitcoin is the financial system. But the use of bitcoin depends on us due to there is an option that we can use it in illegal activities. but overall when the world adopts bitcoin it's the effect on the financial system positively.
  10. As the day has gone hackers are creating many new ways to make us a victim. So, might be this a new way to hack. So, we just need to updated our self time to time and whatever we do you need to look that carefully.
  11. You doing a great job. Most of the people start to invest or believe in scammers without doing any research. If they do proper research then they will not a victim and for your this little research you are safe from a scam.
  12. From my experience, I can say that this kind of site paid first few days or month then when they saw people are attract on their work and more people are investing then they are going to scam people and might be this site is doing that thing.
  13. if someone wanted to start any project then he will need a capital whatever it's trading or something else which can be collected in various way link you said from this forum or blogging but i think this forum is better for that due to if you do blog it's take much time to attract the audience which through you can make money.
  14. Well, this is a quite good news especially the Minecraft gamer.But I played PUBG game if they will arrange PUBG event then it will much better due to the user of PUBG more than minecraft user. But can you give me any source link of this news?
  15. I didn't use the platform so I don't know anything about it. does it an exchange platform or wallet. If an exchange platform then it's really a bad idea to store the coin there.
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