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  1. Some traders do not have capital to enter trading, and some work here to achieve daily profits targeted in trading and not to withdraw them and buy things and the like, so this is my message to them: You must collect capital from blogging and the like shortening links, but does everyone suffer from this problem or not?
  2. There is no need to sort out the advantages and disadvantages of each platform; each platform makes an advantage that distinguishes it from other platforms, everyone chooses the platform that he saw is good, but there is no comparison that makes you far from Yobit or any other platform.
  3. It is a good idea for cryptotalk members to know the Yobit platform and everything related to it, whether it is trading, InvestBox, or all the features in it.
  4. I think a lot of people don't know about it, I liked sharing it with you, DoWallet enables you to buy Bitcoin, store it and everything related to bitcoin and crypto I advise you to try it. Download link from Google Play! Press here.
  5. Say we are from Arab countries, and we did not use translator. Will the quality of the publication be good ?! The question solves itself, using translator makes the post clean.
  6. All these applications are paid, but you use them to watch the videos until you reach the minimum level, and when you arrive, they tell you to invite your friends, and so on, they still use you and then they pay you, 100% I do not advise you to waste your time in these applications.
  7. I have heard about BitcoinTalk.Org but I think the pre-registered members and they were already pulling will still pulling from a hidden signature of Yobit This is just a belief, I advise you to post an instance of this post in bitcointalk will benefit you more.
  8. Investing is an old profession that is not smart and profitable, as you give your money to an unknown site, you do not know whether it is promising or hyip or what, I do not prefer an investment, especially the large sums in hyip technology.
  9. I liked the forum with everything in it, but what surprised him most was the talk about posts, the number of which is advice from me: here we write about crypto and not profit from writing, profit is a reward for what I wrote is not a compulsion or a command to write.
  10. I do not prefer Android mining applications, since it is a waste of time and your device is nothing more, it gives you a maximum of 1000 Satoshi weekly previously and tried applications on the latest phones, it is not good to use devices that are not qualified to do so.
  11. Bitcoin is 100% profitable. You can buy bitcoin equivalent to what you store in cash. Soon, bitcoin reaches $ 1 million and more, which is a non-losing investment instead of storing a loser.
  12. It is nice to see information like this, usually this addition is for the purpose of people updating no more, there is no interest in this feature, I advise you to try it first before start using...!
  13. cryp2flowers

    BTC Mining

    Are you clarifying to us that your main problem is the cost of electricity? But in some countries a system of payment is used and it is specific and does not increase or decrease, but if this system does not exist in your country, you must purchase mining devices that save electricity.
  14. Easily you can receive digital currencies by making a deposit for the currency that you want to deposit and they will post it to you, and then paste it or send it to the correspondent.
  15. Trading enables you to earn $ 100 in one second. Let's say, for example, that Bitcoin is currently $ 10300, and you have 1 bitcoin and went up to $ 10400. How much did you win?! It is better to leave our businesses that bring us fatigue and hardship, then sit at home and start trading and profit a lot.
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