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  1. Great idea. I think the moderators and administrator of this forum has already plan to do this thing in the near future. We just wait for the update.
  2. I agree with you. If we ought to post for something, we should search for it first in this forum in order to refrain from repetitive post and may not lead to our account from getting warning points.
  3. That's why as a beginner, we dont have to rush to post topics immediately. We should first know the rules and regulations in order to not get banned. But i guess banning is a lesson, we have to start again and make things better.
  4. Great idea of yours putting some of your income in cryptotalk into yobit investment. But i think you shohld be too patient for waiting for your investment into profits in the long run.
  5. I think the one thing that is required here in cryptotalk is to have respect for each other's opinion. We have different views on crypto, but respect is much needed in order to maintain good reputation here in cryptotalk forum.
  6. Yes i want to know if my post topic is deleted by notifying me. Because i have also created a post topic here and i cannot see it again, maybe it is deleted and i dont know since i am not notified.
  7. In the long run cryptotalk would be popular and fame enough for several crypto enthusiast around the world, no doubt about that. So we have to maintain good community here in cryptotalk for the betterment of this forum in the future.
  8. To connect it correctly, you have to put your email registered on cryototalk into your yobit account to get a unique id number to be use. Also it is ok if you use both email on cryptotalk and yobit.
  9. Deleted post of you'rs aren't seen here on your profile in cryptotalk, rather you shall see it on your yobit account if how many of your post wasn't counted and how many post are being paid.
  10. I think you should study your daily routine on posting or commenting here in this forum. You should study what is always you done posting/commenting. Maybe you have something that you've break the rules or commenting replies with only few words. So it is not counted then it would be deleted.
  11. Your opinion is good, however we cannot always rely on google translate, but in my own idea, i want to have a local boards in this forum. Maybe it could help.
  12. Whyi would.recoomend this forum to my friends? Simply because i want them also to earn and to learn more about cryptocurrency on this forum. With lots of members that shares good thoughts and ideas, our knowledge here would be widen in terms of cryptocurrency.
  13. Definitely many members here are happy that there's a forum like cryptotalk could give them more earnings and opportunities to learn more about cryptocurrency.
  14. I think you have just to refrain from posting off topic or nonsense post, just make a post or reply with the topic you know about so that your post will count.
  15. Great strategy pal. I also use this method in order to lost easier, i divide my post about 4 parts, sometimes same as you into 3 parts also.
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