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  1. But i think bearish market is the best time to buy cryptocurrency. I also hold top coin like xrp ripple on my wallet, hoping for it to increase its price and earn much more in the future.
  2. I think this may be good but this requires more work in the side of the administrator and moderators of cryptotalk forum, i think they much know how is cryptotalk to run.
  3. We cannot say such words like that, we just have to trust an continue what we are doing. Maybe in the future the cryptotalk would be more improved.
  4. I really think that copy pasting here is technically illegal and punishable by administrator, but if there's no link to the accused copy paste, maybe it couln't be ban immediately.
  5. Upgrade is fundamental in cryptotalk forum. I think its because of the massive numbers of members posting here and surfing into this forum that makes the website a little bit laggy or slowing dowm ita servers.
  6. I also read about this mate, a sms sign that is higlighted with black color indicates that you already commented on it. The grey ones are thread that you have quoted and lastly, black and white sms sign indicates you haven't yet commented on it.
  7. A post that makes sense, i think we need a post luke this to show improvement in our cryltotalk forum, and to really clean the mess here. Its a good way that we ahould report spammy or inappropriate post, rather than make another topic about it.
  8. We dont have to think about the worst to happen here in cryptotalk forum. We just have to be positive and hope for the improvement of the cryptotalk forum so thag everyone would learn and make their minds broad about crypto.
  9. Sometimes cryptotalk page is experiencing some technical problems such as slow lowding of its page. I am also using smart phone and it depends on my internet provider.
  10. Yes, i also think that if a topic is deleted, for sure it is spammy or repetitive post topic here in cryptotalk forum. We should review first what we ought to post.
  11. Yes, absolutely we need to have a section for local boards with different languages, because there are so many members here comes from a different country, while some of the members doesn't really good at english speaking, then it's so good to have a local boards.
  12. Maybe the administrator and the moderators knows more how to deal with this. It's ok to report copy/paste works here without asking for other payment for it.
  13. Yes you're absolutely right. If we want to save some post of members here in cryototalk, we could bookmark the link actually, or save the link to a notepad.
  14. Yes great thing about cryptotalk forum is that whenever you browse to other site, when you go back it shows your reply and it is not deleted, save draft thing is very uaeful here in cryptotalk forum.
  15. Good idea, however i think we don't have the decision for this. I think it's the administrator and the moderators who has the right to make the logo thingy.
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