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  1. st7nqjaaz - Thanks to Yobit exchange and CryptoTalk forum for the opportunity to earn money for each message!
  2. why still mining browser is can scam anytime better trading or mining in trusted cloud mining. for now mining is not worth because many factor affect so mining can be low profit or maybe loss.
  3. u must have money management because every person have different capital that the point if i maybe profit weekly 5-10% is good but we don't know about u maybe u need more profit. but every trading the key is buy low and sell if profit so if down just hold and patience.
  4. if u in normal trade i think is no risky because u buy and sell in profit if dump just hold. but if u trade in margin trading so that risky becuase if ur money margin can't cover ur open trade lose so that can ur all money lose. the key in crypto just patience don't be afraid if u afraid everytime the price going lower u always cut lose but if holder they can strong.
  5. if u ask about the dapps for me is still good in EOS or ETH not trx. but if choice in trading ETH or TRX for long term i think still good in ETH but if in short/middle term is in TRX.
  6. well i know a lot in twitter they have a good in realization and the team is focus in that project but i don't know why the price is more and more going worthless. the project if dead u can look in 24h vol if vol is still good so they are still survive but if the vol is zero so they dead. that my opinion.
  7. faucet for now is low pay so i think is not worth if u still in faucet, better join in bounty or airdrop. faucet is worth if u have many refferals because reff give u more income. so if u no refferals better leave faucet join in bounty or airdrop.
  8. for me if the token valuable maybe u can sell 50% and buy back again in dip so u can make more profit. for now is hard to find valuable token in new project so u must carefull because many new project after in market the price going dump and if more dump is hard to pump again need more extra time.
  9. i think KYC is needed because if in airdrop many fake account so they can manage but the bad KYC is if u join in scam airdrop or bad airdrop ur data can be steal. so i think KYC is bad and good in different situations. so u must be carefull in KYC.
  10. every person have different strategy for me if profit in short i sell it but if price going lower so i hold and sell it if profit. so for me is good holder and sell if profit maybe can short/middle/long.
  11. in my opinion margin trading more risking and need more capital if ur money not enough to cover the margin ur trade position will be close with minus or all gone. normal trade u buy crypto and save in wallet so if u buy in high price and price going lower only no need wory about margin. i don't know who is good profit margin trading or normal trading because every person have different money management. in my opinion margin trading is like high risk high return but normal trading is long investement.
  12. for me is better trading i think now mining is not worth and trading u can daily or weekly trade is good. if u have luck maybe gambling is good choice but if no luck better don't try gambling make u stress.
  13. bitcoin is the best because that mother of cryptocurrency but after bitcoin maybe i say ETH because for now erc20 is many project and good potential.
  14. For erc20 the best maybe is still MEW but in android maybe can trustwallet because can manage many wallet and is simple. maybe wallet market is more simple hahahahahaha
  15. many crypto the target is can be in real world but in many country bitcoin is illegal so they can't accepted for transaction in real. i hope maybe in few years bitcoin and many crypto can for transaction in real world.
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