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  1. if u ask where to get bounty, u can join in many channel airdrop/website airdrop. if u want good project always searching in anywhere because good project little chance for person want share. how much we get pay from airdrop/bounty is depend the project if good project that a lot but if bad project so that worthless or maybe can scam. no all bounty/airdrop scam but looking the good project is hard for now, maybe u can get pay but is a little.
  2. if u find a good ICO or good project so that need more extra time to going price highly. because many ICO they have a bounty/airdrop so after they in market the bounty/airdrop sell and price going low but if investor still belives and that project good maybe in years u can make profit. if u lucky find good ICO they can after listing is highly, like a KLAY don't have ICO but open price in listing 0.15$ and the highest pumping in 0.19$ and now price is 0.16$.
  3. why u believe that is a airdrop if send some of fee? airdrop is a free u don't need a send of fee or anything. if u send fee or anything that like ICO or mini ICO. so for me if still any person believe send fee for airdrop so that a newbie.
  4. u must have money management if new start with minimum ur investment, have a target profit for daily/weekly/monthly, u must know about the coin u invest maybe the graph chart or about the news, market ur trading maybe they have a bad issue or good reputation, that my opinion good luck.
  5. why still mining browser is can scam anytime better trading or mining in trusted cloud mining. for now mining is not worth because many factor affect so mining can be low profit or maybe loss.
  6. u must have money management because every person have different capital that the point if i maybe profit weekly 5-10% is good but we don't know about u maybe u need more profit. but every trading the key is buy low and sell if profit so if down just hold and patience.
  7. for now is hard to find a good bounty with good rate maybe in 2020 many good project will come. so just patience and stay calm we don't know the future.
  8. if u in normal trade i think is no risky because u buy and sell in profit if dump just hold. but if u trade in margin trading so that risky becuase if ur money margin can't cover ur open trade lose so that can ur all money lose. the key in crypto just patience don't be afraid if u afraid everytime the price going lower u always cut lose but if holder they can strong.
  9. if u ask about the dapps for me is still good in EOS or ETH not trx. but if choice in trading ETH or TRX for long term i think still good in ETH but if in short/middle term is in TRX.
  10. well i know a lot in twitter they have a good in realization and the team is focus in that project but i don't know why the price is more and more going worthless. the project if dead u can look in 24h vol if vol is still good so they are still survive but if the vol is zero so they dead. that my opinion.
  11. i don't use mobile exchange so i don't know what best for mobile but if in pc for me the best is binance, kucoin, bithumb.
  12. faucet for now is low pay so i think is not worth if u still in faucet, better join in bounty or airdrop. faucet is worth if u have many refferals because reff give u more income. so if u no refferals better leave faucet join in bounty or airdrop.
  13. for me if the token valuable maybe u can sell 50% and buy back again in dip so u can make more profit. for now is hard to find valuable token in new project so u must carefull because many new project after in market the price going dump and if more dump is hard to pump again need more extra time.
  14. i think KYC is needed because if in airdrop many fake account so they can manage but the bad KYC is if u join in scam airdrop or bad airdrop ur data can be steal. so i think KYC is bad and good in different situations. so u must be carefull in KYC.
  15. if normal trading i think no lose if u are holder because normal trade holder sell if profit and hold if dump. if in margin trading, lose and profit is normal but if ur lose more than profit u must correct the ur strategy.
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