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  1. when btc dominance down, that's the time rise of crypto. but i don't know when it will happen. alts should out from btc dominance to get better position and quality in price.
  2. what coins exactly? and why you though 2020 is the best reason for crypto users? i need words from analyst, make sure me to join this party and not by speculate.
  3. you wont get anything if you still regretting what happened. move on. the market now more different than 5 years ago. you still have chance to get it if do this now.
  4. most scammers come to telegram right now. with unlimited accounts with same IP, you can create fake account to scam people. also telegram report seems like not work instantly. i have story, in real life, almost fooled by unknown people. they said i won money from my celluler card. he guide me to ATM machine, and i just realize im almost fooled. 😁
  5. don't interact with scammer. it's useless πŸ˜‚ why they keep doing same method like this, are they stupid and become hopeless because many people more aware right now? 😁
  6. i don't think so. too early to say about this. if they can keep the price at this positition, pump will come, and i just hope it will back to $9k at least
  7. i'm never buy e-books with crypto. i like reading, but only the outline. i just want to take conclusion from what i read. the point i get, it's enough from me. i will try buy some, not now, maybe for collection πŸ™‚
  8. i want to do this, but its like just waste my money for fees. hahaha.. i will try your advice, in use different coins to withdraw seems like possible to me
  9. libra it just like other crypto. people make it big because owned by facebook and have billionaire supporters. many country in Europe consider libra as threat. same like U.S
  10. usually, i save my bitcoin on exchange site, binance. yes, i used it for trade, included my profit. the reason i save my btc on exchange site is because fees transaction, more less, more good from me, as small trader. i suggest you to use blockchain wallet, it's safe, also owned by blockchain it self.
  11. oh wow, this is good strategy. i will try it for next. until now, i just use single trade, since only have small funds. it will be more good if i have more money to do this. 😁
  12. i hope im wrong about this. but the coin itself not much gain attention from public. maybe yes for traders, but not for holders. they earn profit from hold, not from trade in short. let's see πŸ˜₯
  13. im a twtter users. i follow cointelegraph, coindesk, and some crypto news official account. i also have berminal app on my phone, to know about crypto more fast
  14. are you sure about this coin? i'm a npxs holder on april, but not now. the price slowly going down, many people thinking no hope for this coins. also npxs don't have huge support like others
  15. what if they edit the content? even just little edit, it's still plagiarism. instead adding spam bot, why not use members to warn each others. not harm warn, just reminder about rules. πŸ™‚
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