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  1. i receive USDT twice. i the past day, bitcoin is only currency accepted because this coin so popular also not many coins at that time. i would like bitcoin and ethereum for payment, because its global
  2. what's the point use satoshi nakamoto name? for popularity?. is this automatic robots which created by algorithm to predict and telling us about the latest market price?
  3. Indonesia, bitcoin still half legal. the fees every transaction is fixed in bitcoin price, range 0.00025 upto 0.0005 btc. i want to say this is to high. but we must follow the rules, also pay tax
  4. bitcoin as king, so ethereum is Queens. from her womb, we see many successful token in market. for prime minister is xrp, since they backed up by banks, so clever. for advisor we can say litecoin, and for General i pick doge
  5. ETH. they have many function and inovation rather than xrp. with eth, we can build new token in ethereum network. so eth for me more better than xrp
  6. the legality of bitcoin is only for its use. the rules from goverment can help bitcoin and other crypto help the community, more oprtunity.
  7. i read this on twitter. some of pro miners said it wont kill blockchain. but i can't find specific detail about this. maybe quantum computer can mine more fast, but what about the quality?
  8. yes, i plan this. just like your posts, i wan't enjoy my life without worried about money. and that's the reason i choose crypto for invest. maybe for now, is so far, but I tried to make it happen
  9. i'm paypal user before know crypto. long time ago, i use paypal, alertpay (payza), perfectmoney and webmoney to received payment. the reason i moved to crypto is because fees, instant transaction, we can track our transaction, p2p, and worldwide users without limit.
  10. if you have alot of money, long term is good, especially hold main coin, bitcoin. why they said like that? it's because they need daily income from trading. we can't control their decision. also, some users maybe still traumatized by volatile coins.
  11. nice suggest. but it will make users run from this website. we are know, most of us in here because pay per post, not only pay per thread.
  12. but it's depends from the people. the can be good users, but also bad users. ethic wouldn't stop them. accustomed to cheating makes them like never make a mistake.
  13. i here for money, also for knowledge. sometimes, im too lazy to visit another site. so just open various post in here, you will get same result like other site.
  14. you can't live in the past. move on, you still have chance to buy before bitcoin go $16k after halving. but, who will guarante you won't sell bitcoin after they reach $2k or $k in 2016?
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