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  1. You can't cancel transaction after you made it. when you choose the confirm it mean you deal/agre with it. So no word of canceled in bitcoin transaction.
  2. This time is best time to buy. After Airdrop Yo is down -7% well it look good time for big borrow for Yo token now.
  3. Yes indeed bitcoin is a project that makes technology be glimpsed and researched at this time. Really Bitcoin has raised Blockchain technology. Though Blockchain has existed from 1991. And only a lot of glances in the 20th century after using bitcoin.
  4. How about the volume and fee at this exchange site ? And is it need KYT to user for registrations? Sorry i'm asking at here not to search or trying to get what i want to know with my self, just sometime i need some info before to do that,or just seeing a good review.
  5. And the most beautiful strategy is to make a profit and it is very easy for everyone to do is Buy when low Sell when it is high.
  6. For me it's OK but not as a stable coin. Bitcoin remains the norm. If Bitcoin and Altcoin can become currency in my country how happy we are the cryptocurrency community here.
  7. Yes at that time finding 100k satoshi was very easy from faucet. But according to also the price of bitcoin at the time. And you can imagine so big either you can get form altcoin faucet at that time 🙂
  8. Very good question. If we think of Bitcoin as a digital currency having a high enough value of the dollar, on the other hand the dollar is a currency that is recognized by the world and used as a base price in various markets. So when choosing between the two I still choose Bitcoin because it's easy, cheap and has more value in time.
  9. It's really a very good reserve, and it's only fitting that some strong countries become afraid of bitcoin. Indeed the Venezuelan scenario is a very good move at the moment.
  10. Start to working now, not just ask. To get money you need to work. What work like investing, trading, fauceting, mining, but avoid gambling.
  11. In my country bitcoin still illegal in here. But the government said we still can be apart it of bitcoin and blockchain technology. As to study and as investment, because my country still not accept bitcoin and altcoin as money for payment regulations.
  12. So much good coin can be choose for now, if you looking good is just looking at the top ten in coinmarketcap right now. Bitcoin , ethereum, and Ripple is the best choice for the moment and for long term.
  13. In accordance with the news that Russian mining also chose to move to China in the end. Seeing the low cost conditions, it has indeed become a paradise for bitcoin miners.
  14. alther

    Crypto Secrets

    From faucet to get profit in trading. If that was possible your statement could have been done before. But for now it seems that there is no longer a good faucet site and provides high offer.
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