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  1. Besides the advantages in playing/working in the crypto world. Tell me why you like this trading job so much.
  2. alther

    Reason for Mining

    I'm always looking for breaking news or progress in mining. Like I said, it's not because I'm crazy about mining. But that is because in mining we can do other work, or other activities but can still get results, in other words we can leave the bus and he works alone. Now if I think like that, I just want to know if you think the same thing or is there another explanation?
  3. Amidst the phenomenon of the word mining is not profitable. Is your decision as a miner of all hardware, whether CPU, GPU or ASIC or invest in POS. Does it stop, hesitate or continue to mine? Also state your opinion why did you make that decision?
  4. Really good news amid the decline in the price of Bitcoin. Hopefully this can make the price of bitcoin stronger again.
  5. Web Hosting that Accepts Bitcoin, Other Cryptocurrency Next I want to review a Web Hosting service that accepts payments with Cryptocurrency. If you are creating a website and need a website that is willing to accept Bitcoin or Altcoin maybe the following list can help you. : 1. Namecheap 2. Hostinger 3. Hostwinds 4. Bitcoin Web Hosting 5. Host1Plus 6. Hawk Host 7. Shinjiru And if from the list that I make it less times can add it.
  6. What do oyu think about this Freecoinhunt is this project scam or not. in the white paper they say Q2 2019 is the distributions for payment and we can withdraw but this more than q2 2019 and wanna endof the yearnow, still going and not get update or announcement. Is this project still running or not ? Or scam or not this project ?
  7. 2020 seems to be the year of the PoS blockchain. First and foremost, Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency based on market capitalization, (hopefully) will eventually turn to PoS. They want a transition from 2014, when Vitalik Buterin said that he views PoS as a way for Ethereum to mature. With PoS blockchains, there is no mining, so no electricity is used to solve the mathematical problems needed. Validators must have the coins they verify. Second, Cardano, the 12th largest cryptocurrency based on market capitalization, is expected to increase their pre-existing PoS platform to the public network. Shortly after launching the "Shelly" upgrade, Cardano began planning towards adding a smart contract function that would enable the development of dApp. After that, they aim to increase network scalability by pushing up to 10,000 transactions per second. In addition, the full development of the improvement of "Shelly" to "Basho" is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.
  8. The crypto world and yours contributions We have now received the word world of crypto. In this case I want to ask what you have done in the world of crypto. Is it as the researcher, entertainers, investors, miners, trading, developers, criminals, just observers or anything include on this crypto world?
  9. Ok, friend, if Cryptocurrency is imagined as a kingdom with Bitcoin as its King. Who do you think is the Queen, Prime Minister, Advisor, and General? Feel free to think according to your imagination about the coins that exist today. Happy imagination.
  10. Based on data from Google Scholar, since 2015-2019 there are around 82,600 data related to the keyword "bitcoin". For 2019 alone, there are around 9,690 data. We can make the data as a reference for how much attention and interest of researchers towards Bitcoin, both of which have skewed conclusions and vice versa. Apart from Google Scholar we can refer to data from Github. With the keyword "bitcoin" there are 34,000 repositories and counting, because Github is the "home" for all the code that has or is about to be developed against the Bitcoin software. For the Bitcoin repository only, there are always data updates.
  11. Today is the eleventh anniversary of BItcoin from the beginning of the value of bitcoin which has no value and today is at the position of $ 9100. Where is the first appearance of Once again, I wish you a happy birthday Bitcoin
  12. We know that Genesis Block is the first block in the Bitcoin block chain. In the modern version, Genesis Block is considered as block number 0, whereas in the previous version, Genesis Block was named the 1st block. This block is different from other blocks because it does not refer to the previous block because this block is the first block created. 50 Bitcoins created from this block enter the wallet with the address: 1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa. source :
  13. In the international world there is a race to become the capital of the cryptocurrency world. Many cities and many countries want to become hotspots for the production of cryptocurrency and blockchain-based products. At present the US has developed world technology, if a number of blockchain products originate from the American coast. In Japan saw a very positive movement towards the adoption of cryptocurrency by the government and banks. Malta and Switzerland are really pushing the Bitcoin agenda. Belarus had already adopted digital money technology. In England, even small areas like Jersey try to compete for the top positions. Then the latest news is China and India will adopt blockchain technology for the financial and banking system. So which country do you think will become the center of the blockchain and digital cryptocurrency technology?
  14. Next I make a list of mining pool lists that have long been operating and are still operating 1. Antpool 2. P2p pool 3. Flypool 4. Mining pool Hub 5. Multipool 6. Minergate 7, Nicehash 8. Aikapool 9. Sprnova 10. Nanopool If you know anything else, add this list.
  15. We know that bitcoin is the king of digital money, but in this topic I want to give you a list of digital coins whose exchange rates are more expensive than bitcoin. 1. 42 coins are currently price 2.2 BTC 42-coin (42) is a digital currency. Users can produce 42 through the mining process. 42-coins has a current inventory of 42 42. Market at Livecoin and Tradesatoshi. If you know other coin than the above, mention it and still live on the market ........
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