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  1. This forum has now 10,000+ members. What do you think how many out of 10,000 are real members and how many are bots and duplicate accounts? I think only about 6,000 are real members. Rest are bots and duplicate accounts.
  2. I have observed a lot of bots making copy paste comment from the previous post in the same thread. Anybody else noticed it?
  3. If you have to choose any one between Ethereum and XRP, which one would you choose and why?
  4. Ethereum had an All time High of $1432 in Jan 2018. Do you think Ethereum will reach $10,000 in year 2022?
  5. Ethereum has been going down consistently and not seeing huge spikes. Do you think some other altcoin will take the No 2 spot of Ethereum in future?
  6. Once this forum reach 100,000 members then it will be a major success. I don't think why this forum should not 100,000 members as it is going great and attracting lot of people day and day. What's your say?
  7. With so many cryptocoins in the market. Do you think there will be any coin which will potentially replace Bitcoin in future and be Number 1?
  8. The “LIBER T token” (LBRT) is a “ We Are Change” ERC20 co-op membership crypto currency fundraising token, / an (ITO) whose “T” membership support and individually fund; The NEW FEDERATION PARTY CANADA / Alberta (NFC/NFA) a new federal and provincial political party / movement to decentralize Canada’s federal Government and defend the inherent rights and freedoms of the people of a sovereign Canada, while also supporting “We Are Change” within the national and international community. The ETERNAL WELLNESS SOCIETY (EWS) is a non-denominational, non-profit educational sovereign ministry that supports all people and their right to peacefully enjoy their sacred freedoms, of family, the environment, our country while combining mind, body and spiritual awareness values, and humanitarian causes, through our integrative health and wellness retreats, events, information and charitable networks. The WELLNESS WORLD NEWS NETWORK (WWNN) is an uncensored real alternative news and multi-media web based information network. The COMMON LAW RESOURCE CENTER (CLRC) is a web information platform hub, to inform, share common law information that informs and protects our individual rights and freedoms, nationally, globally from Government statute overreach and sovereignty infringement. The LIBER T token membership purchase, will directly support, the Global movement for change, as well as the added appeal of membership benefits, such as our secure member networking Liber T phone App, our global member retreats, events and productions and an uncensored news and information hub, all to support the “We Are Change” global movement, and with all this comes, the crypto-exchange benefits for token members and supporters. Token Presale and Whitepaper:
  9. I have opened my account in but it seems to be an exchange but you can also create and store your wallet. Which wallet you use to store Bitcoin?
  10. I am looking to learn the art of mining. Experts please guide me how I can learn mining bitcoin and ethereum and how much I can make per day mining.
  11. How much minimum money one require to launch/create an Ethereum based new ERC 20 token?
  12. Just wondering if anyone became millionaire in the crypto world from scratch or under $1000 investment? If you or anyone you know became a millionaire then share your / their experience / story.
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