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  1. I think both of them will good in exchange. Because btc and eth is fast transaction. We both know that they are in the business option in crypto investor for years. And is no doubt that we should always consider both of them.
  2. Me too. im umemployed. when my friends tell me about this crypto forum i started to search and learn about it. and now i earn by posting/comments here in forum.
  3. Its great opportunity to earn and win some satoshis and help to spread the word about yobit exchange.
  4. You can post 30 per day, that is the maximum pots per day. And if you reach the maximum post i think they can pay your existing post.
  5. if i have a 1BTC, my problem will solve. I invest a small business, I can provide my family needs and my personal needs.
  6. For me i need bitcoin, because its a big help for my financial and personal needs. But also faster transaction and easy and investment.
  7. We should invite more people so thats this forum will grow more.
  8. If you have an account and you started posting in forum you can check your earning every post you made in https://yobit.net/en/paybyposts/
  9. Yes its true. It was nice to hear from you. They can pay wih your work. So this forum is so very awesome. Hopefully this crypto forum will grow and rise in the future.
  10. there is so many ways to earn money about crypto. A bounty campaign and signature campaign. But for me i earn money when i post everyday in this forum.
  11. BTC and ETH. because both eth and bitcoin are also has a grrat importance in the market.
  12. i came here because someone told me about this crypto. And also i want to earn more money for my personal needs and for my family also. And i want to learn more about this crypto. hopefully i could learn better and learn more.
  13. For me, yes. i will spend money this coming holiday, this holiday is Once in a year. And i want to buy things to my self and also to my family for this coming season holiday.
  14. Yeah, i agree with that. We can have a good community here in crypto. We have a lot to learn from each other. Hopefully this crypto community will grow in the near future.
  15. The maximum post we can do every is 30 per post. But i think if your in jr rank you can have no limit to post.
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