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  1. If i have 4ITC, i divided into 4. 1. Keep in my wallet 2. Invest or trade 3. Invest a small business, So that in the future my family will never suffer. And i can buy our needs. 4. Give to charity and help a homeless people.
  2. Im so blessed and happy that i joined crypo, i can earn some money here to buy my needs, so i have no reason to blame my self. I hope crypto will grow more in the future..
  3. Same problem mate. I never been recieved any payment last week. I dont know why, or my post was delete. Maybe they can notify us if our post was deleted so we all know. Hopefully this day i can recieved my payment.
  4. Ive been here since 2017. My friends told me about crypto and i can earn money here. After reading some article and threads, i start to join in bounties campaign. I what to learn more about trading. Hopefully very soon i try how to trade if i have some knowlegde.
  5. I spend more time in this forum about 4-5 hours perday. And i read some article and threads so that i can learn more.
  6. Maybe, but for me i rather to sell my btc to buy a christmass present or gifts for them.. And i dont have enough btc to give a gift for them. I have only few only. So i want to earn more now so i can buy a present and gifs for this xmass holiday.
  7. I want to earn and save for my familys future. But for now im planning to withdraw my earning reward, because im getting birth of my babh so i need money to pay the hospital bills. Thanks for this crypto forum because i can earn money at home.
  8. Yes. This is my first payment in crypto. So im so happy when i recieved my payment.. In trading, i dont think if i know how to trade. Ive never been try trade because im afraid of losing my money. Maybe i try very soon to trade. But now i starting learn trade. Thanks by the way ..
  9. When i recieved my forst payment i am so happy and excited. This is the first time i can get money from this crypto. So im so excited to do more work here so that i can earn more money. Thanks to this forum.
  10. Its depends to us if we spend or we can hold. But for me i hold for a month, and if i reach a 100 usd in a month, i withdraw and spending it. To buy my family needs and paying monthly bills.
  11. I think this forum few days from now is still in nice terms. Everyday will grow and bigger, you can earn moneh by posting and you can learn everday by reading some threads and topic. So hopefully it will grow and last long more years.
  12. You can check in your yobit account. But if you are new here you have to create an account in yobit. Then if you have already done. You can start working here in forum by post.
  13. Its depends to us if we spend or we can hold. But for me i will hold for a month. And if i reach a 100 usd in a month, i withdraw and spending it. Buy foods and monthly bills.
  14. No. If your post was deleted is not counted and they are not paying you. So i suggest you can make more 30 post , so that they can pay you even if they are deleted your post.
  15. Yes. I still have recieve my payment every post i made in this forum. As of now i have no problem with my payment.
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