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  1. Fraudulent operations abounded, and many fraudsters try to lure others into their net by publishing unsound websites or links that steal personal information, so caution is the best solution from all of that and stay away from unknown sites and people who provide links and say that working with them will double our currency.
  2. Even making mistakes is considered beneficial, but for those who learn from them and avoid falling into them again. Even if we receive a warning point, it is a warning about a mistake we made. We must then review what we did wrong and correct it in the future. I wish everyone success and achieve what they wish.
  3. Although giving the reputation is not paid, but giving it to those who deserve and provide useful publications is a duty on us, and to keep the forum in progress and encourage members to submit more publications.
  4. Marof

    Yobit platform

    It is to terminate, log in with your name on Yobit, search within it for the required link to complete the login and enter through it to the platform. And make sure, after entering, to put the email address of the forum in the place designated for it to activate the payment on it, otherwise you will not receive the payments that you get from here.
  5. At the current level, you can publish in several other departments, such as the coding section, and with time, you can publish in most of the sections, but you have to pay attention when choosing another section to read its publications and understand what is allowed to be discussed in the department, for each section of it has a specific specialty and not like the beginners section, as it is considered general for all information.
  6. This is true, the payments were conscious for us to give us the reputation of others and not like the present time where the payments became in exchange for receiving a positive reputation. This change prompted members to create more good posts to gain a reputation.
  7. Perhaps that day will come, but it will take time and years to fully implement it in the world. Some countries may have started it from now. But that will be in digital currencies equivalent to fiat currencies, that is, under the supervision of central banks. As for working with cryptocurrencies, it is another matter that is difficult to implement because countries do not want anonymous transactions without their knowledge.
  8. You do not need to worry, there may be a problem with the registration, so make sure that the confirmation message reaches your account and log in to the platform from there. If you did not receive the message, there is a mistake that you commit when changing the password. Review your information and find out where the error is to correct it.
  9. You can do that if you find an owner of these stones who accepts payment using cryptocurrencies and works with them and other than that, it is a very difficult matter because if the owner does not accept that, you will not be able. Perhaps with time we will be able to use it to buy everything, but at the moment that depends on who owns the things we want.
  10. Having this option on Telegram is very useful to avoid being added by people who do not know anything about us to strange groups that may be fraudulent. Thanks for submitting this useful alert to us and it will protect us from strangers very well.
  11. Pay close attention my friend you should focus when creating topics and avoid those mistakes that may cause you problems and give you warning points. If you are busy with something, close the forum and return to it at a later time. There is no need to write while you are in that case.
  12. In my opinion, it is difficult to make accurate forecasts, as the price of a currency always rises and falls. Carefully observing the market may give us a prediction for the next move, but even so, this prediction is not guaranteed. There are some experts who follow this method, but they do a very stressful job of observing them have years of work rather than for a short period.
  13. Marof

    2fa is must?

    This is an additional guarantee in the wallet to protect it from theft and its useful use for those who work in multiple sites, and one of them may be fraud If you are careful and do not use random profit sites, you do not need to. But their use is very good.
  14. It is not enough to get paid in full, as there are a large number of publications that did not get a positive reputation and we are getting paid for the reputation. So focus on creating more topics to get them and even responses, try to provide useful responses to impress others, and you will get full payments.
  15. To get a good reputation there is one way and that is to provide very good publications and write useful information that attracts the attention of members to respond to it and give us the reputation you deserve. And that work needs constant search for useful topics and articles to increase our information and discover new things about cryptocurrencies.
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