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  1. Dear @kimberly24 you can start trading by only $50. But I Will suggest you that first you learn that how to trade. When you understand that you can trade then you must do that. And best of luck.
  2. Dear @Chandan Mandal yes dear I agree with you that we are learning here. I also learned here more. When I joined this forum I know nothing about the cryptocurrencies but now I know much more about this. Wish you good luck for your future.
  3. Dear @Usman Bhinder I am completely agree with you that at the same here in this forum we can earn and the most important we can learn here too. That helps us to be strong by knowing the cryptocurrencies and latest trend and updates about the cryptocurrencies.
  4. Dear @Bolubobo it's very simple to set your yobit compaign in your yobit account you just click on the user name in the yobit account then click on the cryptotalk compaign them you give the email in the center textbox then you cryptotalk compaign will be set and your satoshi will start to transfer to your yobit account.
  5. Dear @Gg233 I am agree with you as there is the rule of the forum that only one IP can hold only one account not more than one account. But it's easy for us to move other device if that is not have account already.
  6. Dear @Pereira yes this is the best and trustable forum to work and you can learn here maximum about the cryptocurrencies and it's trading and mining and many more. This is the best forum that I ever found for earning and learning. Yes it could be that we invite our friends through referral link here in cryptotalk but it's okay if there is not. we must always be welcome all the rules of the forum. @Aria2021
  7. Dear @Albany1209 I am very grateful for your very good elaboration of the blockchain. Before this I didn't know clearly about the cryptocurrencies it's definitely help me to know about this term. And it is the future technology that will be common very soon in people.
  8. Dear @mayoosh very good question to Ask and I believe that it could reach to the $30k at the end of this year (2020). As you know everyone is excited and trying to invest in BTC and it's demand increasing exponentially so I think that it may be cross $30k.
  9. Dear @Pereira i am completely agree with you that before starting learning cryptocurrencies we were thinking we will be millionaire very soon but when they came to this world they face many scams and get disheart. I also suggest them before investing them you must get knowledge about that then start investing.
  10. Dear @Moontong I am completely agree with you that we must do gambling in a limit not with addiction of we addict of this we face a big loss. So it's better for us to invest the best coin and earn.
  11. Dear @Browser it's very hard to predict that it's price will rise or not. When I joined this forum it's price was 70 satoshi and then it's price continuously down and reach to the 18 satoshi now. It will be good news for all of us if it's price jump to it's previous price. I am very excitedly waiting for it's pump to back. I am hopeful that it's price will increase surely.
  12. Dear @Honny143 it's very bad that someone giving you -5 reputation on your every post intentionally. It is not a good act done by them. We must appreciate the good content here as mostly members doing. But there are some reasons too that's why you got negative rating. 1. Your content not be related 2. Under the 100 letters 3. Not meet the requirements of the forum If someone giving you negative ratings intentionally then the moderators can took step against them.
  13. Dear @Guru2050 thanks for your precious information about the btc coin coin payment. And you said well that we must play our role to be promote this good forum so that many will join this and in this way forum will furnished quickly.
  14. Dear @kingsbtc it's obvious that the new members of the forum face the problem in many things like they get less reputation because of this they earn less income but they don't have to loose hope work continuously and definitely you will be get more if you work hard consistently.
  15. Dear @sayems don't need to be worry it's sometimes happens. There are two big reason behind this. One is this happened because it's session expired then needs to login second it's happening because of cell phone hang and we touch screen here and there when it's happened then we got log out too.
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