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  1. You are right. To be a good trader we must keep an eye on the market price. Because if we pay attention to when a coin will go up and how much the price of a coin will go up and down in the future, there may be a loss in trade. In addition, we must learn from our mistakes. You can't be disappointed, you have to move forward if you make a loss.
  2. Content must be quality and useful if we want to get a positive reaction. Whether our useful posts will be paid or not depends on the positive rating. So we should make our post as much more informative as possible and create unique posts.
  3. Since this is 2021, I hope the admins will forgive our mistakes in this new year. The reaction we misused for which we stopped paying may be fixed. And this platform will go even further in 2021.Maybe in 2021 this platform will become much more popular. Maybe there will be some new features that will be useful for our users.
  4. This example shows that no matter how many reputations we have, no matter how many posts we make and no matter how many senior members we get, no matter how many rewards we get, we must be banned if we break any rules. So we should all work according to the rules and regulations at all times. Because only one mistake is needed to ban.
  5. That's right. Crypto talk is a platform where we can enrich our knowledge of cryptocurrency as we earn more. This platform is a very nice platform especially for students. Here they are earning as well as gaining different kinds of knowledge. On the one hand they are informing about some work and on the other hand they are making their English more proficient. Besides, they are earning money by working here through which they can meet their personal needs.
  6. There have been some problems with new members on this platform. I also had some problems posting when I was a new member because I didn't have enough knowledge about cryptocurrency. But now I have gained a lot of knowledge by reading various topics and posts. So now I do not have any problem on this platform. So I will tell newcomers to read more and more topics and posts to create useful posts.
  7. We understand that you have to buy any coin to trade. Because the price of any coin in the market fluctuates at any time. So we have to have some idea about the price of all coins and how much its price will increase or decrease in the future. If we buy a coin without understanding it, we may lose.
  8. You can make some profit by investing in the investment box on yobit. You can also trade different types of cryptocurrencies there. You can earn money on yobit by trade and investing.
  9. If we continue to save bitcoin now I hope we can benefit a lot from it in the future. Because the price is going up day by day so I think its price may go up further in the future. So we can benefit if we hold on to Bitcoin.
  10. trade is boring to many. Because we can't make quick profit in trade. We have to wait for many days for the price of any coin to go up. When the price of a coin goes up depends on the market. So only those who have patience should trade. Otherwise, the chances of loss in trade are much higher.
  11. This platform gives us 1000 Satoshi for each post. Also our double payment system here. We get ten talk tokens for each post. Also if you want to be more profitable then you can invest in yobit's investment box. You can also trade. You can make a lot of profit through them.
  12. If we don't have enough knowledge about trading, we will lose. Learning to set up through training alone is very difficult. We need enough knowledge for trading. If one trades without sufficient knowledge, he must lose.
  13. That's right. We're always giving positive reputations to the topics we've created with informative and accurate information and creating useful posts on that topic. If we create posts on useless topics, our posts will be deleted no matter how useful they are. With So it’s kind of a waste of time. And time should not be wasted at all.
  14. At present, the number of fake websites and fake apps has increased day by day. Now the number of spammers has increased a lot. Due to which it has become very difficult to earn money by working from any site. Very few websites are trustworthy and pay. Most sites scam with their users.
  15. You can use Telegram to make more referrals in less time. Also, if you have a channel on YouTube, you can create videos on that channel about that website and give your referral link there. If your website is trustworthy then many will create an account there with your references.
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