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  1. We share information and gain knowledge from the forum and share useful posts, but regarding the banned person, I do not think that the posts are also deleted, but they remain registered. Do not delete from your account in the forum
  2. When your posts contain useful content and good information about trading and cryptocurrencies on the forum, you will receive a large following and interaction on them
  3. We must be wary of scammers and their messages and deal with them by requesting help from the moderators in the forum. I only trust the forum and its moderators
  4. Yes, my friend, I have my goals just like you, and I need time to gather information to achieve my goals and succeed in the future by investing my experience in digital currencies and trading.
  5. Any work we may get we need time to learn and gain knowledge to succeed in it and here in the forum the same thing we need to learn and knowledge to enter the world of trading and digital currencies and all this needs patience
  6. My friend, since I entered here, I got a lot of knowledge and information, and now I get money through this wonderful forum. I am happy to be here
  7. My friend, we are here to learn from the old and the experienced, to help each other and gain experience in the forum about digital currencies
  8. We all work here to gain experience, knowledge and make some money But nothing comes easy to succeed. You have to work hard and get a little tired
  9. Hello, I entered here to earn money to help me with my livelihood and to collect information on digital currencies and benefit from my experience with it in the future by investing and trading
  10. When I entered here, I was following the posts and posts and knowing what were the important topics in the forum If your post is very useful and has important content for members and the forum, this will bring you good reviews and many posts from members
  11. Yes, my friend, this is true. We are here to make money and at the same time to collect information about digital currencies, we need some time and we will make more profits from now, but with patience and knowledge.
  12. It is a good and useful post for members who do not know much about the laws here in the forum. I spend a lot of time here for me and I am happy to be here in the world of cryptocurrencies.
  13. Yes, this brings concern. You should choose your topics carefully and the post should follow the rules of the forum to bring you a good reputation and raise your rating
  14. To finish work, we must work hard and intelligently. This is the way to success in digital currencies in the future We may go through difficulties and problems, but we must skip and follow the forum contains everything we want to know
  15. Yes, we must benefit, learn, and help each other in the forum to know and collect useful information in currencies and trading in order to benefit from that in the future
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