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  1. Yes, coinatmradar.com is a very useful bitcoin atm location whichever country you are living in. This is the site I used to locate a bitcoin atm in my country and purchase my first bitcoin. Use it to locate an atm near you.
  2. I agree that it is not a good idea to use bitcoin for day to day transaction. It would probably be better to use stable coins like USDT as it has a fixed value just like fiat currency. Afterall, even in our current non-digital monetary system, nobody use gold to pay for day to day transactions, it is all paper fiat currency.
  3. You’ll have to wait for yobits announcement on when easy yoken will start trading. Only by that time the token will be worth something for it to be traded to other currency.
  4. Stablecoins is very useful in trading, it provides a safe haven to temporarily escape the price volatilty of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  5. A post that is short but contains useful information is much better than a long post with empty words. I agree that it is better to have a short post that is straight to the point in providing the information required compared to long post and it will attact more readers and reach more people.
  6. Gratz @Raven! It is well deserved. Hope to read and respond to more of your post and YES, cryptotalk is one of the best if not the best forum out their that gives a lot of benefit to its users.
  7. Almost all topics are benefitial and you can’t really pinpoint specific topics to be more benefitial than the other since this is subjective to the requirement of the person looking for the information. Suggest you begin with the beginner sub-forum and move forward to the other subforum depending on what you think you need to learn like coins, exchanges, bounties, etc.
  8. So far I haven’t come accross any bank that accepts bitcoin transfer directly. Most people will convert their bitcoin to fiat currency in crypto exchanges and transfer it to their bank accounts thereafter.
  9. Time is precious, once it passed you will never get it back, hence we have to use it wisely and efficiently. Invest your time in more worthwhlie activities like learning and earning in this forum that will help you reap benefits of knowledge and money rather than simply wasting it on non-beneficial activities or doing nothing at all.
  10. You can learn a lot from this forum by reading through the post and responses. More experienced members also share their real lift experiences and provide some tips on cryptocurrency investment and trading that you cannot find in normal books or articles. So make the most of it and learn as much as you can from this forum.
  11. I agree that mobile phone is the best devise to use since you bring it almost everywhere you go therefore will be able to access cryptotalk almost anytime and anywhere thereby maximizing your time and usage of the forum.
  12. I don’t think there is a guide for this as each platform has different task for a person to do like viewing ads, posting or re-posting on social media etc and in return the platform will airdrop fractions of tokens to the person’s wallet as reward form completing each task.
  13. This is something new for crypto users to try out, it looks like a good platform that rewards it viewers and content providers alike that is very similar to how this forum rewards its users. Will definitely check it out and try to support it.
  14. This comparison will depend on the business. If there is a really good business plan with high feasibility of success better go for business and do trading on the side. If not, put crypto trading as the priority to earn more.
  15. Yes I agree with this, even if we know some of the members on a personnal level outside this forum, we can only trust them to a certain extent. We should not share any private information, account passwords, etc. that leads to your digital assets to avoid loss or theft.
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