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  1. Yes it's helpful for additional income. Post a message and earn talk tokens and btc on daily basis. Earn in a day 2 to 3 doller.
  2. Dear @Bruce lee your truely said that to much mistakes taken from many users who are working here in Crypto talk. To decrease mistakes we use grammar and read grammar for improvement.also we read english news ๐Ÿ—ž๏ธ paper and English movie and English news on daily
  3. Yes right talk tokens is really convenient for business. If you have talk Tokens then go to Yobit account and click to invest box ๐ŸŽ. And invest your talk tokens and get 1% benefits. 100 talk tokens invest and get 1 percent advantage in a day. U have also invest my 1000 talk tokens in Yobit account.
  4. No doubt it's very risky but i don't use 2fa.. if you make your I'd more strong then of course you can install app in your android phone and safe account
  5. Yes if someone violate the rules of this forum then he/she can't receive any warning โš ๏ธ points directly moderator banned ๐Ÿšซ his/her account so be careful all forum members. Don't use copy paste system and don't give cheating reputation
  6. Hello dear friend, Deletion is done in the event that the post is not useful or less than 100 characters and deletion will be from 100 posts, and then also the deletion will be from 20 posts that are published on a daily basis so that we know if the letter is less then 100 then post may be deleted
  7. I agree with your statement. Many wallets are available in market which has low transaction fee. the crypto world is full of wallets, I can give one wich I used it for more than 2 years and nothing wrong happened to me, this wallet is coinpot, if yiu don't want to have an account in it, then at least try to read about its fees because I am sure that you will have a good opinion about it. And that wallets will safe your amount also.
  8. Yes many newbies members doing this . Yeah I agree with you.Buying our trading with little investment can not be profitable.Add a result you can loose your money.
  9. I think after changing the rule of crypo talk about reputation mostly members give reputation for own purposes. They don't see how important topic create from someone because they see their own benefits. But now users continue to post useful content, focus on the quality of the post.
  10. Dear friend your right said and good information share. As cryptocurrencies is one of best for some year. It's gain more reputation day by day . people attached with Crypto day by day the reason is Crypto plateform is valuable and knowledgeable.
  11. Hello dear right said, now in future Crypto currency is legalized digital currency in every country. It's amazing futures are coming now .And that is after it attracted people around the world to invest their money instead of gold .It is a good option for trade exchange, investment and saving money . I think that we can reap a lot of profits with our cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. If you have Bitcoins then you make millionaires at night
  12. Investment box is available in Yobit account. Many benefits of investment. First we invest 100 talk tokens here and after one day 1% benefits. I invest 840 talk in a day and after 24 hours my talk tokens increase 848 it's good investment. Also we can invest btc here
  13. Hello dear friend! Yes, blockchain is safe but we must have to keep our credentials safe and secure and private and don't try to share these with anyone. Blockchain technology is completely safe and effective but it's problem is that it works on the principle of proof of work that consumes a lot of energy in mining operation
  14. No doubt there are many scammers.That because we are joined in many Telegram channels that interest in bitcoin ! so they can get our username or our number phone easily . that's happening for me too ! they said that they want to help us and invest our money in their companies.
  15. For me, we can be able to get information from both sites, thats why its important we are able to keep on posting good information here, because in the end it helps us i making the right comments that help our people so there is a reason as to why both are similar. Good luck ๐Ÿ‘
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