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  1. Well I follow every step you wrote and it works. thanks for sharing us your knowledge and I want more like this from you sir.
  2. There a lots of way to know about crypto for example telegram channel,.bot,group and twitter will tell you about crypto.Some application tell us about crypto.
  3. I prefer ether because you can exchange it everywhere like btc and it have small price
  4. making money first then creating my own site.
  5. first to share our knowledge to each other and get out price.
  6. Most of the time creating something is difficult but giving comment easy thing so I prefer giving comment.
  7. I start working on crypto in 2018.when I start first I LOST 1000$ by scammer but I did not give up on crypto and still continue to try.
  8. yes.for the first time when I try to register it show error and I try for 3day the I got register.
  9. you must joking because I love crypto like you do.
  10. you can buy by using credit card or from someone from your niebuorhood
  11. In my opinion because of scammer crypocurrency will become to end.
  12. Because they afraid crypto replace their currency.
  13. In my opinion there is no important month the price of cryptocurrency that we have at that time.
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