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Real SHIB mining directly to Binance,Metamask,etc

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In this guide I will explain how it is possible to mine Shiba Inu (SHIB) BEP20 with your home PC using XMRIG mining software

This guide is aimed at those who already have experience with cryptocurrencies and mining since some small steps will not be fully mentioned; otherwise many passages could be difficult to understand and I advise against taking this path without having previously accumulated the experiences mentioned.


First step: Download the latest version of XMRIG from the official source for your operating system. ( If you are on 64bit Windows download PS: On Windows the archive you download could be marked in advance as "potentially dangerous "from Google Chrome as it is a mining software. Just go directly to the Google Chrome's top-right menu -> Download -> click on "Keep the dangerous file". You can also encounter problems with your antivirus and it will be up to you to insert the downloaded application in the exceptions of the same.

Second step: Extract the archive where you want, after which go to the folder and open the config.json file (configuration file) with your favorite text editor (on Windows just right click and click on Edit). Now you will have to go and modify only two lines of all this, that is

"url": "",

Instead of




which would be the pool we will use for our purpose, which rewards users with SHIB instead of XMR as it would normally happen, as we will see now.

After that, instead of YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS you will have to enter (following example below)




"url": "",
"user": "SHIB:0x1d9ccdafef2a97990d2ecc208cdfac325e2d022d.Sam",

The name of the worker after the "dot" can be a random name, possibly short, without spaces and is mandatory in this case.

IMPORTANT!! I remember that using this pool a part of what you mined will go as a fee to the developers of the pool, which DOES NOT HAPPEN (only 0.25%) if instead you insert the reference code of another user after the name of the worker followed by # . Here are the examples with my reference code #nndo-mqgv that I recommend to use to pay less fees:


 "url": "",
 "user": "SHIB:0x1d9ccdafef2a97990d2ecc208cdfac325e2d022d.Sam#nndo-mqgv",


So this latter should be the configuration you should use to get the best, obviously replacing the receiving address with yours.


After that save the file and close.


Now you have to change the network to BEP20 on the pool that is standard on ERC20. it is better because it has a smaller minimum withdrawal which is 500,000 SHIB. This step is important or you will not receive your SHIB.
Go to and enter your BEP20 address under "Enter your address to see your stats" and click Enter, then click on "Switch Network" and select BEP20. Now everything is alright Activate also "Auto pay every 12 hours (starting at 00:00 UTC) whenever the balance is over 500000 SHIB" to receive the SHIB passively automatically. You are now ready to mine.

For start mining  xmrig.exe which resides in our folder along with the config.json we modified. If everything went right you will be starting to mine because the screen will open, otherwise if you have done something wrong in the configuration simply XMRIG will not open.

Now you can check your progress on the pool site, at the respective links below and by entering, once inside, the address used in the config.json in the appropriate text input on the right "Enter your address to check your stats: ":

Check SHIB progress:

Important: you will see the first progress results only after you have found the first block, i.e. when the first accepted appears on the XMRIG screen
Furthermore, it may take a few minutes for the site to show the first statistics and the generated hashrate.

Payments are automatic as soon as the minimum threshold is reached, 500000 SHIB

I hope this guide was useful to you 🙂 For any doubt please reply to this topic.

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Well I follow every step you wrote and it works. thanks for  sharing us your knowledge and I want more like this from you sir.

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