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  1. I think that if this happens it will not happen very soon
  2. Ether has every chance of catching up with bitcoin, it develops before our eyes
  3. I am buying a portfolio now, I think there will be an increase above 20,000
  4. Стоит вкладывать только в основной топ валют с коин маркета что бы минимизировать свои потери и уменьшит риск
  5. Классик что то последнее время не радует не ценой, не новостями...
  6. This is the best forum that pays good money for posts I know.
  7. Yes, the forum is much better than fucking advertising cranes and similar shit. A very favorable place for people collecting currency
  8. Close all your positions even at a loss and go into stablecoins
  9. I lost almost all of my first portfolio, but the author of the topic is right, you can't give up everything will work out
  10. I also hold cardano, I think it will bring great profit. To the moon
  11. I still keep it in my portfolio, I think it will show itself
  12. It's impossible! so that some shitty token overtakes bitcoin in price
  13. You should not buy alcoins with all the money; they are too unstable unless of course you trade in a short time.
  14. Well, they will not completely disappear as new ones come, but not current coins will be removed from the exchanges.
  15. Another failed Yobit coin too limited trade list and small%
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