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  1. For investment in Coin, I always check Roadmap first. And check their platform, if they have ICO I check it too. At least I check total supply of that coin.
  2. At first, Thank for remind me to re-learn. I have broken and I lost interesting on everything. Now, I got motivation to restart my learning about "Trading". One day I hope I will be professional trader.
  3. Scamadviser is one of the best website to check scam sites. I have been you this website for over 2 years and I always check almost many site. That is really helpful from scam my money.
  4. If you are doing at faucet sites to earn cryptocurrency, It is real wasting your time. If you really interesting on cryptocurrency, you should learn about blockchain technology, ecosystem, payment system etc... To earn free cryptocurrency you need to learn about free crypto airdrop and cryptocurrency trading.
  5. My Main Goal is to become professional trader and I love trading. Now I trying with demon account and planning risk management for trading. I hope that one day I will be professional trader.
  6. It is hard to earn cryptocurrency by daily trading at Spot market. Because most time price are almost stable in daily. But you can earn cryptocurrency by daily trading at future market. At future trading, even a small amount of price have change you can get profit or lose certain amount. In my advise : Please learn risk management for trading first before you trade on real market.
  7. In my opinion : Tronlink wallet is the best wallet for TRON coin and TRC10 and TRC20. Its really safe and easy to use. There are a lot of market in wallet that you can exchange your tron token(Trc20, trc10) to TRX anytimes.
  8. Some PTC sites are really giving free cryptocurrency, but earn free cryptocurrency by PTC sites is really wasting time. If your are beginner, PTC site a good way to learn and earn cryptocurrency. But If you have a time, learn about cryptocurrency airdrop that are much more better than PTC click. I also start earning cryptocurrency with PTC sites, So don't worry Keep going mate.
  9. I saw many games application that paid free cryptocurrency. But I my opinion : They are such look like as Faucets site. Because after you play game there was ads come up and you need watch it to get reward.
  10. It's depend on which cryptocurrency do you want to hold. BTC and ETH is the best cryptocurrency you should to hold. I don't recommend to hold Alta-coins. I wish you guys will get profit from cryptocurrency.
  11. Yes, I agree that. There are many scammer on telegram. They are always try to scam you by acting they are Support Team, Best investor etc... So be-careful using telegram for newbie. And don't believe so easily to stranger.
  12. In my Opinion : investing over gambling is so risky. Because there is basic rule at investing "Do not invest like gambling". Gambling will take you lose all of your money. So, Please be carefully.
  13. There are many free airdrop coins in crypto world. But 80% of airdrop and pre-sale are useless coin and scam coins. Anyway I really like to collect free airdrop coins.
  14. I started working a crypto at 2017 November. When I start working on Cryptocurrency, I work many time at faucethub, coinpot and many other faucet sites. Later than I realized that faucets are wasting time so I start learning about airdrop and trading cryptocurrency. Now I have daily income by cryptocurrency trading.
  15. Both Centralized and Decentralized platform have their own Pro and Con. At centralized platforms, you can complain about transaction error or some other risk but if your centralized platform have scammed or hacked, you will lose all your funds. At decentralized platforms, you need to know about some knowledge at your platform. If not you may lose your funds.
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