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  1. Virtual Wallets can store different types of currency mostly cryptocurrency, its just like a bank that can hold and store your digital coins and sometimes you can earn some coins in some wallets.I think yobit is safe wallet to use because i've been using it for almost one year and i haven't scam, there is other wallet that most used than yobit but yobit is partner of cryptotalk so Yobit wallet we use.
  2. I think it's allowed because if its not allowed then his/her username is not used, also in signing up it will invalid the username if its not accepted to requirements so that they can change their username. Well username is not affected the quality post in this forum I think.
  3. Thanks for sharing about this because i don't have any idea in this kind of gift cards that can we use the cryptocurrencies for depositing. I'm still beginner in the world of crypto, if I have enough coins I will try this e-gifter. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I think mostly of the people here in the Philippines are afraid to scam because there is a lot of people are scammer here in the Philippines mostly it happen in online so many people are afraid of trying some online business like these crypto currency that not really familiar about it.
  5. Mostly of the people who are not knowledgeable about crypto currency are really afraid of trying of this kind of business. I suggest to you to get their trust is to show some proof of payment from this forum to make them believe and they will try it if they are really interested.
  6. Yes that is right, mostly the reason why post are deleted by the moderators of this forum is because the topic is always repeated and sometimes the characters is too short that's why it will be deleted. Before posting it should be know the rules in posting to avoid from deleting the post or topic.
  7. Yes I really agree with you, when I get started here in this forum I don't have any idea on what to do here so I tried to read those Rules and Guidelines that already pinned in the section of about forum but some of the post I can't understand so I tried to ask to our senior and after they explain I really understand because they explained it in easy way. So thanks to our Senior who still answering for the question of the beginners.
  8. Thank you for sharing this information, it is a big help for me because I'm beginner and I want to try someday the trading and also I don't have any idea about trading so it was a big help to me to start
  9. Thank you for sharing about this specially about the effect of using signature that there is a possibility that my account will be harm and get some Warning, so I will Follow your advice to keep my account safe.
  10. Trading to other crypto coins is the best way to make less fee in withdrawal, Litecoins and Ethereum is a good idea to trade it but I also suggest to trade your btc to XRP because it has also a less fee for withdrawal. By the way thanks for sharing about that information, I hope others will help them about it.
  11. I know if you reach the 2500 post, your rank will be level up and become full Member. The ranking here in this forum there is nothing benefits will get from ranking for now, we don't know if in the near future will have a benefits will get from ranking. Right now, all of us that earning has the same value for each post.
  12. Thank you for sharing this information, it was a big help for me because I don't have any idea about the trading but I want to try this trading sometime. You gave me an idea on what I need to do and learn about trading. I hope you help many beginner here in this forum.
  13. Yes that is right, even if your rank is high we need to follow the rules in this forum because rank in just nothing if the rules is not followed and if rules not followed then your account will be ban even if it has a high rank.
  14. My suggestion to increase your earnings in yobit platform is you need to do the trading because that is the other way of growing the cryptocurrencies you have or you have to try the investment. Also there is a free crypto coins in yobit platform that daily refresh after you claim it today.
  15. I think the most used cryptocurrency is the Bitcoin because we all know that the Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency created and bitcoin has the biggest value in the market so many people invest to bitcoin than to other cryptocurrency, that was based on my observation in other forum.
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