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  1. I think mostly of the people here in the Philippines are afraid to scam because there is a lot of people are scammer here in the Philippines mostly it happen in online so many people are afraid of trying some online business like these crypto currency that not really familiar about it.
  2. Mostly of the people who are not knowledgeable about crypto currency are really afraid of trying of this kind of business. I suggest to you to get their trust is to show some proof of payment from this forum to make them believe and they will try it if they are really interested.
  3. Yes that is right, mostly the reason why post are deleted by the moderators of this forum is because the topic is always repeated and sometimes the characters is too short that's why it will be deleted. Before posting it should be know the rules in posting to avoid from deleting the post or topic.
  4. I think this campaign will never stop if there are still people who are keep active in this forum and never abandon this forum. This forum is really big help to us because we can earn here for just posting everyday so we don't like it to end this forum.
  5. As a beginner the first thing you should do is read this following post that can help you to get started here in this forum. http:// After you read that, you can now start to post and complete the requirements before start earning which is the 100 useful post and after you complete it the next post will be paid. I hope you read those post for beginners.
  6. Yes you are right that it needs to show some proof because some of the member here are not fully trusted this forum because there is a lot of fake or scam website of crypto currency so it hards to get the trust if they already scammed. So it's much better if there are proof that this forum that pays of each post in this forum.
  7. Yes! crypto currency is the future because crypto currency is still growing and many people can help by the crypto currency worldwide. If the crypto currency keep on increasing then in the near future crypto is the best currency in the world.
  8. Yes I really agree with you, when I get started here in this forum I don't have any idea on what to do here so I tried to read those Rules and Guidelines that already pinned in the section of about forum but some of the post I can't understand so I tried to ask to our senior and after they explain I really understand because they explained it in easy way. So thanks to our Senior who still answering for the question of the beginners.
  9. I think there is no Limit in posting but there is a limit on the paid post and that is the 30 useful post. We can post a lot in one day but only the first 30 post will accepted to be paid the rest is not counted on payment, that is what I understand from what I learned here in this forum.
  10. Yes you are right that this forum where you can earn and also you can learn because from the different topic that are posted here we can get some knowledge or lesson that can apply to our real life. We can learn and earn here in this forum at the same time.
  11. Thank you for sharing this information, it is a big help for me because I'm beginner and I want to try someday the trading and also I don't have any idea about trading so it was a big help to me to start
  12. To start earning from this forum you need to complete first the requirements which is the 100 useful post but before you start to posting you need to read first the guidelines and rules in this forum to avoid ban your account and delete your post by the moderator of this forum. Read first the following : After you read that, you can start posting and apply all the rules and guidelines you have read. If you have any questions just ask me. I hope this can Help you.
  13. Thank you for sharing about this specially about the effect of using signature that there is a possibility that my account will be harm and get some Warning, so I will Follow your advice to keep my account safe.
  14. To start earning in this forum, you should complete first the requirements in this forum, that is the posting of 100 useful post in this forum. After you complete the requirements the next post will be paid. And I want to share some rules in posting if you do not already read the rules about posting. First rule in posting is you need 100 characters long or more than for every post, next is avoid posting that are not useful, spamming and avoid copy the other post to avoid deleting your post. Each day only 30 useful post maximum can count to be paid. Heart React 💗 to my post if this help you. Thank you!
  15. Yes you are right that information you gave is a basic rules in posting in this forum but don't forget that the topic we posted should posted in the right section, for example if your topic is about trading then post it to the section of Trading.
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