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  1. I also want to know about this earnings method as from last two months it's showing that payment is temporary disabled and will activate soon but it's still not enabled and I don't think so how much time will it take till that time I think we are wasting our time by posting.
  2. на самом деле я новичок в зтои платформе, и я таеже немного слаб в русском Язык ,но я надеюсь, чТо зта платформе полезно для нас ,поскольку она также, заставляет ,меня улучшать свои языковые навыки .
  3. Да Я жачу Получил много полезной информации об едой платформе. И я буду продолжать делать зто и в будущем, если зто будет помогать мне.
  4. Dude it's not difficult to use this cryptotalk forum as just follow the rules or policies of this platform, it will help you alot definitely because you are working on it so in reward it will help alot.
  5. The main thing to get success is hard work and patience to face all kids of difficulties in life we should be careful about all situations and should be hardworking in every field of life as No pain no gain.
  6. Thanks bro you have described absolutely right points about posting any kind of topic or content it should be informative and nicely done without any kind of spelling mistakes or bad words used it should be beneficial and informative for others.Thanks alot.
  7. Thanks so much for sharing such important information for us as many of us are unaware of this kind of scams which scammers use, we should not share our personal information about our account or whatever it is on any kind of beneficial website we should follow your points .
  8. Yes you are absolutely right that in every field of life or any situation the main thing which is required is to have patience which is necessary to handle the situation and we can't handle situations in hurry or by getting angry on something or quickly to save time we should do any king of work with great patience and carefully then it will be performed perfectly.
  9. Thanks bro by sharing is from such kind of scammers that use attractive posts and use any king of beneficial topics and links which any journal person can open link by thinking of getting benefits from that site and in return his or her account get scammed which could be bad for that person so we should be aware of such kind of bad scammers and hackers.
  10. No I haven't use anyone's topic or content or haven't tag anyone but if we want that someone also should see or look the post than we can tag them easily by using tag button and mentioning his profile it's not difficult thing you can tag anyone on any post if he or she is added to you.
  11. There are too much examples of successful persons in the world we should learn lesson from their lives as their lives are the best example to live life if we follow their way of living their hardwork we can also get success in our life.
  12. Never Dude knowledge is just a thing in life which is impossible to get all as nobody can have hundred percent of knowledge about any kind of topic we should keep on getting knowledge in life it's good to have knowledge about everything thing.
  13. Yes My Friend it's good thinking that you should appreciate that useful topics which have best information but are not getting attraction you should help them by posting comments on less replied topics also it would be helpful to hardworking person which deserve that.
  14. Dude it depends upon your hard work and time that you invest on this cryptotalk forum if you provide informative contents or useful information than it will be appreciated and you will get paid for it and it will be financially best for you and if you post useless comments and topics it doesn't have any benefits for you so be careful and hardworking.
  15. Thanks for sharing this special information you are right that by presenting any kind of topic we should be very careful about our selection of words that we don't get any kind of mistakes in our topic or content and it should be informative.
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