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  1. cryptotalk, talk about more in crypto... if you want to talk about this furom is perfectly suited to this topic
  2. need positive post, trending topic my help your reputation got wild
  3. good decision using bitcoin for long term
  4. wooo, you need knowledge if you want if you want to earn money, more easy in that way
  5. wooo you need to wakeup, it just a dream
  6. research for the coin/token, if it's profitable long term earning... more token is starting high but in few days it start other way.
  7. just use social media, as a social media, means in earning i think there a different security for that
  8. Puslit

    ICO of yobit.net

    i'm been excited every time yobit create ICO, but some of them are already dead
  9. hope it works, goodluck to all of us guys and gurls who participated in this airdrops
  10. i saw that, they pump it but few it came back to original price
  11. i see the performance of BNB, but this day, go to the follow
  12. yes that the big risk of investing bitcoin, today are move positive
  13. you can read the rules before you invest it
  14. all crypto swing to much, and so hard to recover
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