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  1. You can't change this anymore, fiat is fiat and cryptocurrencies are cryptocurrencies, these are digits, they are used as secondary.
  2. I prefer to keep btc, I know that in the future it will have an excellent value, you have to take advantage of its descent, take advantage.
  3. Well, it has helped me with my purchases, since I do not work for anyone, now I work for the crypts, it is the best in the world, I hope to continue helping me.
  4. There are many countries that are using their own currencies, hopefully more countries will join this list.
  5. Hopefully, bitcoin will continue to expand, that it will reach many countries, and that it can be used by many.
  6. if it influences, not in the currencies of a country, if not in the same cryptos, for example the btc goes down and many cryptos come down.
  7. Cryptocurrencies are a great opportunity for these countries, to have the power of a currency through digital media without giving an account to the banks in their country.
  8. I think the best currency to invest is ethereum, so take advantage of the low price, until the hike comes.
  9. It is not that we want it at a low price because we need it low is to buy, but the btc we are interested in is that it goes up when we have already saved some.
  10. Well, normally it will always be easier to get the hand money, which is used daily, and it will be easier to use it too, but I like cryptocurrencies more than local money.
  11. it would be better, everyone knew about the btc, it would be full, everyone could use it and learn from it, and I even think they would teach in schools.
  12. the btc increases when there are many purchases, it is necessary to go down to make purchases, it is not to be alarmed, it is up because it goes up.
  13. I like to go from site to site collecting a bit of currency, so I keep saving for my investments, learning little by little is the thing, I do not hurry much.
  14. btc serves you for many things, not only to trade or negotiate, it is also a good way to learn things about finance and economics.
  15. I think the best way is to wait for the btc to be low, when it is low there you can buy, it is the best option.
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