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  1. there are many people addicted to btc, mining, trading and that is every day, but it is perhaps their work, it is something they already have as a full job, that makes one obsess, I have a little obsession but I see normal.
  2. no, bitcoin will always be a digital currency, it will be used for fast transactions and without having to carry that annoying money on top, well hopefully it will use btc for a long time.
  3. It is a browser that pays you to use it, it gives you a cryptocurrency called bat, it pays for uphol, you must have it verified so that they can pay you.
  4. Maybe, many languages are missing but eventually they will be adding more things to the forum, for our pleasure and enjoyment, hopefully so.
  5. Finally, many countries are realizing how valuable cryptocurrencies are, but there are still many countries that approve cryptos, hopefully they will.
  6. You can also increase your earnings by investing in the investbox, buy small coins and leave it at% daily, and you will get many satoshis for your investment.
  7. Well, we still don't know the future of the crypts, many will win and others will lose, what I can say is that the btc will always be ahead and who knows if the ethereum and litecoin.
  8. this difficult brother, because the btc has taken me out of the puddle many times, so far it is my favorite, but it would not hurt to have saved in gold so as not to lose many things and be able to withdraw in the future.
  9. Of course it is for everyone, everyone has the right to obtain it because it is free, such as phones, clothes or anything else we use today, the difference is that it is digital, it is not physical.
  10. I use a large part of my earnings for personal use and for my family, I invest, but I always try to make long-term profits and use some of my things.
  11. I do not think I stopped using it for a long time, I have been living here for years, it is my daily vice, it helps me for many things, without cryptocurrencies my life would not be the same.
  12. Dubai is one of the richest islands, do not be surprised when you perform very tempting and attractive actions, they are very innovative when it comes to financial and economic benefits.
  13. In my opinion, it is very beneficial because the btc is very volatile, it can go down but when it goes up it catches flight, and very high, so to save.
  14. It is something that goes beyond what we can imagine, now it is a long way to learn from cryptocurrencies, meanwhile we continue to enjoy this beautiful gift.
  15. Excellent information, I did not know this, I will look for more details, but I find it fabulous that finally in sports events such as football payments are made in this way, I think they should already implement them in many other events, it would be incredible.
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