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  1. The biggest flaws and disadvantages Bitcoin have are the price volatility and lack of scalability, If this two problems can be solved then Bitcoin will be accepted by a lot of merchants, stores and vendors.
  2. Mathers

    McAfee DEX

    Thats's a big flag for me, I'm never going to use that exchange. They can go all out and look for naive newbies to lure to the so called DEX.
  3. I don't know if you needed to hear this but that's not going to happen, If you're waiting for Bitcoin to fall back to $5000 before you can buy, you will be waiting for a long time.
  4. The old timers of Bitcoin bought Bitcoin not solely for the intention of making money but their motive was use Bitcoin as ledger tender, they were already rich soBitcoin becoming valuable was only an icing on their cake.
  5. Mathers

    McAfee DEX

    Would the kyc verification be mandatory procedure to access the platform features like trading and withdrawal, I mean but why have KYC verification in the first if it's claimed to be a DEX.
  6. Yes this news has been on for while now, it's bad to see the exchange close down, they weren't doing badly to be honest, this thread will serve as a reminder to users who still have their asset on the platform.
  7. Airdrops are no longer a good earning option I think it's best for you to seek alternatives and not depending on airdrops anymore.
  8. Trust wallet as far as I can remember support almost all top coins and these Include BTC, XRP, TRON, ETH, ETH classic, PIVX and many more.
  9. Mathers

    HODL or sell

    The situation guiding everyone's decision is extremely , while I'm preferring to hold my coins, there are some out there dire need of money.
  10. There is absolutely no need for an affiliate or a referral program because this is supposed to a forum and should be more a discussion, it's already enough that the forum has launched a paid post incentive, a referral program will only derail the purpose of the forum further.
  11. Yes, In my opinion China will eventually accept Bitcoin as a legal tender. It could even be in the very near future.
  12. The aim of Bitcoin is to provide financial freedom and liberation from the governments banking policies, there is still along way before this can fully achieved.
  13. I have been more conscious of how more productive I can be and what will being productive add to the table for me, rather than leaving or hoping for some fantasy to come reality.
  14. I agree with you, BTC and Ethereum will be my choice too, they have always been strong and surviving any market conditions bearish or bullish.
  15. Wow! Another incredible use for the blockchain technology, does that implies that these phones can be easily used for mining efficiently ?
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