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  1. There is more to ways to detect a scam websites than what the OP has listed always ensure the site has an HTTPS Encryption verified too.
  2. That is not likely to happen anytime soon, because the team will probably not review the fees soon, but you can still opt for other low alts.
  3. It is possible for Bitcoin fall all the way to $6,000 and even below that, but I don't think It happen any time soon, bitcoin will likely fall to $7000 zone and It will bounce back again.
  4. The predictions have all been very positive regarding the next bitcoin halving, so I very much think there will be significant increase in Bitcoin's price because of the halving.
  5. Bitcointalk owners allows the buying and selling of accounts, it is only frowned upon by the DT Members and Most Top users because of the irregularities and the shenanigans the trading of accounts can cause.
  6. My country stances about cryptocurrencies remains neutral, there is no official announcement declaring or restricting the use of cryptocurrency.
  7. You have done well to highlight all the key points i would have loved to make mention of and just to buttress your point I'll just say everyone should avoid Libra at all cost.
  8. The funds is likely lost already, because Yobit will never put themselves at risks by trying to help you recover such funds, and Yobit might not even be in possession of that address on the Litecoin blockchain.
  9. There are some mistakes with your analysis because you can only determine if a price is low when it is below the ico/ieo price, and when there is huge volume price will only approach liquidity, it doesn't mean price will have to be very high or very low, volume only provides liquidity.
  10. Here in my country too, no online shopping or merchandise currently accepts Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency as means of payments.
  11. SIDMEC A big thanks to Yobit and Crytotalk team for the free airdrop.
  12. The major reason why Bitcoin remains the center of attention and it's also the most used cryptocurrency is due the fact that It was the first cryptocurrency to exist and It is the only truly decentralized coin.
  13. Of course it going down the hill when people can no longer see much positive things happen with crypto, It's mostly scammers and hackers doom lately. You can't carry any single trade, deal with the huge fear of getting scammed.
  14. What hard fork are you reffering to ? And how sure are you that there will be a split of chains from the fork that will result to the creation of a new coin.
  15. If you are a miner then all these comes as a part your start up cost, you'll have to already account for every thing you'll be using including electricity, so I'm my opinion it is not a waste of resources.
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