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  1. I know about bitcoin immutability and lets sayh an exchange gets hacked. No way of banning these bitcoins right? Like blacklisting the stolen coins to not be used in the netowork. There can be a way of doing that?
  2. So, all of us had at one stage, introduced some family member or friend or work colleague to Bitcoin and at some time they decided to buy some bitcoins. Many of these people trusted us as the "expert" in the field of Bitcoin, but we do not have control over the future of Bitcoin and the final outcome of this decision. If they bought bitcoins as an investment, did they make a profit or did they lose money? Was a possible loss as a result of their own doing or did they ignore your advice?
  3. Staking coins is way better than mining ,hassle free and no generating of heats ,I'm luck to come across miracle telecom project that offers token holders rewards every two weeks from the projects 40% net profits and so far so good ,the reward is not fixed but its way better that other staking coins too ,with 100 tele tokens you can easily make 1.2-2euro based on their net profit every two weeks. Do you guys have any other staking coins as good as this?
  4. What are the best things in cryptocurrency that make you think it's better than fiat from the countries? I'm doing some research and I want to hear some opinions about this.
  5. What do you think are the prospects for Litecoin prices? The coin is really convenient to use as a means of payment. Opinions??
  6. I've some concerns and queries, i observed that many altcoins even some major coins create fake volume, if a project is new and initially listed on a small exchange and create fake volume it's obvious understood that they're trying to get listed on coinmarketcap, but A coin which is existed in everywhere, even big exchanges but still they create fake volume on small exchanges, what this means? Why they do that? Is everything just done by exchanges or project itself, and also that makes a clear difference in prices as compared to official price of market that makes frustrated.
  7. Crypto crime rate has increased significantly. Exchanges which control most of the trading volume and also act as a storage place for cryptocurrency have become an easy target of hackers. So, could insurance be a promising sector in cryptocurrency or there are drawbacks to it?
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