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  1. BTC And eth was of course have good future, Bitcoin with upcoming halving and ETH With upcoming PoS update, There also another recommendation like NRG, XRP, BNB, etc.
  2. Maybe they are busy or likely it's getting banned? I'm not sure but i hope they will comeback soon and discuss again here with us, Let's hope it will happens.
  3. Very nice advice dude!! Sometimes we can also see from their volume that gave same orders and repeating beside that also some suspicious movement on the price, Just need to be more careful!
  4. Not really sure what will happens but like feature was supposed for sign that post was constructive or really helpful for other members and not just randomly giving it other people, Just my view.
  5. Yeah because system will read 2 account with same IP, The best choice was using different network to prevent any bad things later or if you already banned you can try to appeal to unban your account.
  6. No you can't, basically what he said was true, You need both of them. Maybe he was joking but you should ask him more details so maybe he will explain it, No need to be mad dude just stay calm.
  7. This was very good option, Do some real practice on demo account it's really good to understanding basic of trading and market movement, For some new people really recommend to use this for your training.
  8. It's hard, There was some private key finder but it's take more than hundred years to find it, The only way was to find where the private key was store before and if lucky can be restored.
  9. Only $2000 Before we can touch $12000 again, I think bitcoin can touch that price until end of the year while the market was stagnant on $10000 Let's hope there will be good news that effect the bitcoin price.
  10. Yeah coinbase was really good option for storing our asset because it's was safe also there an alternative let's say blockchain.com that also have a long story on crypto wallet, Both of them was really good!
  11. That's mean blockchain was ready for implemented on every sector and cryptocurrency was ready for global adoption, We will see this era for the next few years before all people knowing cryptocurrency and the advantages.
  12. All times was good but if you didn't prepare buy (Buying some asset) On bearish market it's litlle bit risky to buy when bullish because it's dump anytime so it's better to wait correction before you trade and wait till the price was touch the dip and stagnant.
  13. I think not much, When stolen bitcoin was move it's normally monitored by exchange that was hacked before and the hacker was also confused to convert to fiat money, Basically not really much i think.
  14. Did you mean 2fa on login or different email on cryptotalk and yobit? Not really sure about the question but i just can answer 2fa, It's to prevent any hacking to your account dude.
  15. Very good, Working on cryptocurrency field right now if you didn't have good skill that on demand considered as part time job but over time it's we focus to want seek a full time job i think it's can but of course with some required skill.
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